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Hi Everyone! Welcome to my website. Becoming an entrepreneur is something which I have been passionate about ever since I was little and is only something which I really started striving towards over the past year. I have tried multiple ways (and purchased numerous products) with the sole aim of earning an income online and without the dreaded day job.

I also am a Financial Independence Enthusiast. If your new to FI (financial independence) and FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) in general, then it basically means earning enough money each month without having to work the traditional 9 – 5.

I quit my day job roughly two years ago due to a variety of reasons. I have been in pursuit of passive income streams ever since. There has been a lot of trial and error (meaning I’ve failed many times!).I’ve tested and purchased too many so-called “easy win” products that all claim to earn you thousands a month (and then don’t). I feel I have finally figured out how to identify a scam plus I am already well on my way to establishing a baseline of side hustles that actually really do work.

This site is for me to share all my mistakes, failures, successes and more importantly what works with you. I’m hoping which failed so many times so that you don’t have to.

A little story about my life.

Growing up I was always the child that played post office, supermarket and library. I loved the idea of owning those businesses and I was always the “manager” or “owner” when we played shop.

When I was five years old I announced to my classmates (and teacher) that I was going to build a business when I grew up. Horror and shock filled the classroom! I hated school and I couldn’t wait to get into the “real world” and start my business.

At aged 15 I joined the workforce (whilst still attending school) and quickly figured out that working for someone else wasn’t for me. It took me a long time to build up enough courage (and money) to set up my own company aged 23. I started a bath bomb company. It did well but didn’t earn mega bucks or even enough to quit my day job.

Several years later I learned about FIRE and became fascinated with the idea of “side hustles” and all the different ways in which you can earn money online.

Making Money Online is a scam.

It definitely can be! A lot of side hustles and making money sites are a scam. There is a huge amount of information out there all about side hustles and easy ways to make money online. Not all of it is accurate.

Why should you listen to me?

Are you sick of being scammed or hearing about the “easy” ways to make money yet they don’t seem to work for you? I’ve been there! I’ll let you in on a little secret – I have this crazy dream. A dream where I’m not controlled or dominated by my finances. I dream of a life where I can live the life that I desire without having to work a typical day job. Where I can choose my hours, my days and take time off whenever I chose.

I’ve been where you are. Desperately trying to squeeze a normal life into the scarce hours that are left after the day job. I’ve boarded a train to make money from side hustles and businesses. My end destination is not to be controlled or ruled by money. If this sounds like a journey you would like to take – then hop aboard!

So have a look around and if you ever have anything to share about your own entrepreneur or side hustle journey, I would love to hear it.

Little Miss Fire

Founder of Little Miss Fire 

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