Hi There!

I’m Little Miss Fire and I’m an aspiring Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Financial Independence enthusiast. I’m striving to earn income through side hustles and I want you to tag along.

I have this crazy dream. A dream where I am not controlled or dominated by my finances. I dream of a life where I can live the life that I want without having to work a typical day job. Where I can choose my hours, my days and take time off whenever I want.

  • I’ve been where you are. Desperately trying to squeeze a normal life into the scarce hours that are left after the day job.
  • I’ve been homeless after fleeing an abusive and controlling relationship with my young daughter. I came through the other side and we now live with my partner in a detached house in the countryside.
  • I’ve been affected by mental health problems and been made physically ill trying to survive the 9 – 5 job. I suffered greatly and I had to give up my job/

I’ve boarded a train to make money from side hustles and businesses. My end destination is to earn enough money so my partner Mrfive2fire can quit the  9-5 rat race and we can live the life we want.

Be warned though – we aren’t your typical FI couple:

  • We have one salary to support three of us
  • We barely have any money left at the end of each month so no savings to expedite the journey.
  • We don’t earn enough to invest which is the more “traditional” route to FI
  • We aren’t high earners – Mr Five2Fire makes £33k a year and I currently make zero.

We are determined to reach FI and invite you to follow along (or even join us)

You can find me here:

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