Are you a Payday Millionaire?

“A man in debt is so far a slave.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have the unfortunate problem of still having to go to work. This opens me up to several different viewpoints from a spending vs saving point of view. Recently on of my colleagues mentioned that she was a pay day millionaire and that once the direct debits go out on the 1 st of the month she is poor again. This person isn’t in a low paying job and earns above the national average. Yet she has put herself in the position where if she lost her job, she would have nothing to fall back on. The
lifestyle that she has adopted means that there is very little enjoyment to life as she buckles under the debt burden.

Another conversation I have been a part of at work started a little something like this:

  • Co-Worker 1 – by the time I get to retire the state pension will be give out at 80.
  • Co-Worker 2 – yes it’s a sad state of affairs
  • Co-worker 1 – Yep but you realise there are people out there who don’t take their kids to Gulliver’s world and put the £50 they saved onto the mortgage
  • Co-Worker 3 – Wow really? The poor kids.
  • Co-Workers 1 – Yes, some friends, well friends of friends really, give their kids toy pistols and fill them up from the water butt instead of going to Gulliver’s World.

I’ve paraphrased a bit but thats the gist. They went on to talking about buying things in the sale and how many handbags one of the women has.

I think it’s quite unbelievable that in the space of thirty seconds someone can present something as a problem then continue to criticise those people that have solved it. I won’t be working till 80, unlike the poor chap Co-Worker 1.

When I was a child there was a flood. My parents though it was a good idea to let me swim in the flood water, sewerage and all. Today we have people complaining about children’s spraying each other with rain water. What happens when it rains?

I don’t know how to solve the problem; some people seem to be happy with their lot. If only people could see they are working against themselves maybe something will change. As long as these conversations are going on and appear normal I doubt that will happen.

I hope you aren’t a payday millionaire. If you are I would start here and read “start here”

P.S. I would take a water fight over Gulliver’s World ay time. Especially if we are using rain water, helping to save the planet a little in the process.

P.P.S. If you have devoured Mr Money Mustache and want more get in contact and I’ll give you a list of blogs to read, some that have made the journey to FIRE and some that are on their way.


  1. Mr Five 2 Fire, I can completely understand where you are coming from. Sometimes I feel that I am on a different planet from the rest of the world. Once colleague recently told me that she bought five handbags on a trip to New York. I was stuck for a response, but wanted to say, ‘What a complete waste of money!’, but there we go, each to their own. I would love your list of blogs. I really enjoy following any FIRE blogs that I can find, particularly British ones. Thanks and have a good weekend. Sam

    • Yes Exactly! What a complete waste of money! I think an appropriate punishment for he would be to have to carry around those 5 handbags all the time.

      For the blogs I would start with He has a list of blogs on the side which I read religiously. RIT has just FIRE’d and moved to Cyprus and he is a little different from the rest of the FIRE community and alomst the polar opposit of us. (He made the decision to work for the Man the best he could to increase his wages and then save as much as he can. He had an 80% savings rate) I would also add onto this and the latter being a UK FI blogger.
      Good luck with your journey!

  2. Sadly I’m also still in the position where I need to go to work. The sorts of conversations you describe see to be particularly prevalent after Christmas.

    On one level I think that people should be allowed to waste their own money if they really want to. But, where I get irritated is when people like your Coworker 3 knock others for trying to do better. This money stuff is hard enough without having to face negative peer pressure!

    • I don’t mind the negative peer pressure, I’m quite good at ignoring what other people think. I just can’t believe how hypocritical their conversation was and whats worst they couldn’t see it. They had the problem and the solution to that problem in the space of three sentences. I guess I should just let it go and be happy to leave formal work while everyone is still at Gulliver’s World.

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