Basic Guide to Each Way Sniping: How to get Each Way Sniping in ten minutes!

In this basic guide to Each Way Sniping, I aim to show you how to start EW sniping in 10 minutes including reading this guide. I am assuming that you already have an oddsmonkey account and have several bookie accounts. If you don’t, you can sign up to oddsmonkey here.

  1. Log into odds monkey and go to the EW Matcher section

2. Once There go to filter:

3. Change your filter settings to the following and the click save

4. Once you have done this click the X at the top of the Filter Settings and you are good to go. Click on one of the bookies shows and place your EW bet.

That’s it. I haven’t covered anything but the bare basics to get you setup in this post. With these settings I have never lost money month on month. I’ll be doing a more detailed post about what it is, why it works, how to protect your funds in your account later on. In addition to the settings above I have also limited the bookie accounts that is shown when I search for my results. That’s a personal thing that will be different to everyone so it’s not included here.

Good luck and don’t forget to let us know how you get on!

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