Book Review: Be your potential

My first book review eeekkk! Its funny actually but I always review books when I’ve read them (but not publicly) just to make sure I have really understood what the book was about. I always almost “check in with myself” to make sure I am understanding the concept of the book. Is it strange I don’t read fiction? I have a very energetic mind so I find it hard to read something that isn’t real.


What the book is about
Its based on the concept that we already hold inside us the tools we need to live the life we want. The books describes how we concentrate on what we don’t want to happen in life and then are frustrated when it does. The author Joseph details that by focusing on the things we don’t want to happen, that we are actually attracting these negative things towards us. I found this to make a lot of sense. He encourages goal setting and dreaming big.

About the author.
The author is Joseph Clough and he is an international Speaker, Celebrity Coach and Hypnotherapist. Throughout the book, he uses himself as a reference as in his youth he suffered with persistent blushing that began to affect every other area of his life.

My Favorite parts

Joseph recommendations writing ten things each day that you are grateful for. I usually dismiss these types of things but I started writing down just a few notes from each day (not ten) that I was grateful for and that I had achieved. I struggle to remember to do it every day but I do find it helps keep me grounded.


That the mind is always working for you.
I’ve read quite a few books that claim you are sabotaging yourself by the way you think. This book celebrates even the negative thoughts you have claiming they are your minds way of trying to protect you. This really related to me with me struggling with driving anxiety. Usually my anxiety is caused by my mind playing out multiple scenarios of all the bad things that could happen.¬† I have learn’t from this book that its just my minds way of trying to prepare me for if they do happen. The techniques in this book teach you to concentrate on the books things that can happen and to thank your mind for trying to protect you.

Free audio to complement the book
I’m really impressed that this is offered as an addition without any extra cost. I would expect authors to charge in order for you to listen to their hypnosis downloads. The only downside to them is they all start and end with the same guided mediation. Its only the middle bit that is changed to suit the area that you are concentrating on.

My least favorite part.
I don’t know why but it really bugs me that Joseph references the “unconscious mind”. I feel its more the “sub conscious mind” that he is referring to. Obviously he is the expert but it just really bothered me as I always view being unconscious as not really being awake or aware.


I’d love to hear everyone’s favorite books that they feel aided them into FI or anything you think is worth the read! So far my list is:

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  1. I find these books really interesting, as they often seem to be takes on psychological theories with a bit of a spin and written in an approachable way for the lay public. A lot of what you describe is similar to Mindfulness type therapies or approaches which retrain thought processes. The ‘unconscious’ term is a psychological one, but basically means subconscious (slight difference in psychology but not significant enough to worth worrying about). Your unconscious mind used to be perceived to be understandable through work on dreams, and one of the reasons it’s called unconscious is because it’s still working while you’re asleep, but that’s debated these days (although still used in some therapies).
    I recommend everyone to read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus. I’ll probably do a blog post about the similarities between ancient stoic philosophy and FIRE at some point soon!

    • Hi The Fire Shrink,
      Thanks for your comment. Ah right, I didn’t know that so thanks for clarifying about the subconscious and unconscious mind. I’ll definitely check out that book too. I hope you do a blog post on that, I would love to read it!

  2. Start with Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. I keep a copy by my bedside for bad days. It’s many years of daily thoughts, documented by a great Roman Emperor. Not a novel, but a good one for a page at a time.
    Discourses by Epictetus and Letters from a stoic by Seneca are heavier reads, so if you enjoy the first give them a go.

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