Book Review:How to RESET your life

I’m not really a lover of fiction books. I don’t know when it started but for the longest time I haven’t been able to read anything fiction. The point had been reached were I was sick of reading. Reset  is different.

I’ve also been struggling to find some really relatable Financial Independence books. They all start off great, but then once you delve in they become repetitive and ultimately tell me to save half my income. Great advice. Here’s half of my zero, can I retire yet?

RESET:How to restart your life and get F.U money is different. Now I didn’t find this book by accident or even after reading the guest post by its author David Sawyer over at Monevator.

Nope, it all started with an email. There I was catching up on my ever full inbox and there was an email from the man himself. Asking if I want to review his book. I must admit I felt a bit special (ok more than a bit) Granted it was on my old site which did get some wonderful exposure from the FI heavy weights. I was intrigued.

After clarifying with David that I can be as brutally honest as I wanted, I accepted.

First Impressions

I immediately spoke to Mr Fire and told him he HAD to make me read this book. A promise is a promise after all. I’m not great at finishing books. I admit that I received the book a few months ago. I’m still reading it. I’ve finished it many times but I go back for more. Why?

What the Reset is about

Reset is all about the author David’s family life and what drove him down the road to Financial Independence. Its less of a book and more of a programme aimed at midlife professions to really assess their lives. This book wants to help you really look at your life, discover what you really want and then give you the tools to go and get it.

About the author

David Sawyer is his name and PR is his game. He’s not good at PR, he’s Nations award winning great at it. He has a wife, kids and even a pet. He’s UK based as well which is refreshing as there really isn’t many books about Financial Independence in the UK.

My Favorite parts:

Why do you want it?

The journey to Financial Independence is a rocky and bumpy one. Holding on to your “why” is really the petrol in the car. Without it your aimlessly striving to reach something you don’t even know that you really want.

This bit of the book isn’t the easiest pill to swallow as soul searching is required. Its worth the bitter aftertaste though as happiness is key in this book. Not anyone’s happiness either – he’s talking about YOURS!

Happiness and pleasure
David details how most people have their pleasure and happiness neuro-pathways all wrong. He puts its a lot more eloquently than I and it really did hit home with me.

De-cluttering is encourage.

I do love a good declutter so it was good to see it included in this book. David offers some great advice that has really worked for his family. He’s not advocating to live a minimalist lifestyle (if you want to then that’s great!) but he does detail out how its important to clear your living space of the items you’ve accumulated over the years.

Reset isn’t just about de-cluttering your physical items either. There’s a great section on technological decluttering which is well worth a read. I’m not too bad on technology although I have been really getting into twitter lately!

My least favorite parts

Luckily there were not a lot of least favourite parts! Its natural that any book wont appeal to anyone:

Future proofing your career.

This one is purely individual for me. I don’t work and so it just wasn’t relevant. Obviously this is purely personal although I did keep reading it though.

Identifying your values

Its normal not to like this part I think! I was surprised that its actually really hard to workout what makes you you. I was quite surprised by this as I thought I had a really good grasp on my mentality.

So there you have it. My honest, open and fair review of RESET: how to restart your life and get FU money.


  1. Many thanks for this review. I had seen the book on MamaFurFur but wasn’t sure whether it would be useful. One of the best things is that it’s written by someone in the UK and as you rightly say there aren’t many, if any, UK FIRE books. I’ll have another look I think.

  2. I loved this book, so refreshing to have a UK based FI book, not only that, it is aimed at us midlifers not those twenty somethings, but real people who have lived a bit, made the mistakes and now need to build a better future for themselves.

    • Hi Phil.

      Nice to see you over here as well as Twitter đŸ™‚ I’m glad you enjoyed it. I agree completely. I’m tired of the books that say if you didn’t start your journey to FI in your twenties then its impossible to achieve!

      • I read this one too and really enjoyed it. It was a bit random how I discovered it. He posted on a Scottish running Facebook page that I’m on. I was intrigued to find someone in Scotland who was intrrested in FIRE. A runner too, so that was a bonus!

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