De-clutter and Reselling Update 2019

You may remember from my 2019 goals that I’m setting myself the rather big task in the form of a whole house de-clutter. I’ve also added I’d like to earn £1,000 from the de-clutter. It works out as a room a month which is rather ambitious in my option. Especially since I only have one hour a week allocated for de-cluttering!

We haven’t been in our house longer than one year and yet we already have things pilling up. Neither Mr Fire or I are really big spenders. We frown at Christmas gifts (and usually smile as we know we will re-gift them) and dread birthdays as we don’t really want a big gift. In spite of this, things still end up pilling up and a de-clutter is really needed.

The littlest one has a scary good memory and likes to look at her baby toys from time to time. She remembers what and where they are so she is likely to find it the hardest when I start to de-clutter.

collection of boxes for de-clutter

De-clutter schedule

Jan – Sitting Room
Feb- Office
March – Conservatory
April – Our Bedroom
May – Littlest ones room
June – Kitchen
July – Garden
August – Garage
September – Hall and porch
October – Spare Room
November – Under the stairs
December – Bathroom

As I’ve said this is rather ambitious but I do like a challenge! It actually feels really good once its done. I’m going to try to sell the items that we end up not needing from the de-clutter so I’m hoping that this extra income will help with the 2019 of overpaying the mortgage!

If you remember in October I made a nice little amount from reselling!

I will use a combination of Ebay, Music Magpie and other online sites to hopefully sell our clutter at the best price.

Do you de-clutter? Do you have any tips for getting rid of all the clutter?


  1. De-cluttering is so much easier if your significant other is on board. My partner has been willing to part with some things, but there is one particular pair of salapettes – not sure how you spell it, but they are dungarees for skiing – that he won’t part with. Despite have not been skiing in over fourteen years he tells me that he is sure that that will come in handy at some point. I, on the other hand, have been ruthless. Marie Kondo is all the rage at the moment. She’s a bit whacky, but does have some interesting ideas. I found Courtney Carver’s book ‘Soulful Simplicity’ more in tune with my thinking. At the moment I am stockpiling items for a planned car boot sale in the spring. We have never done one of these before, but thought that we would give it a go to see how much we could make. You do have a pretty ambitious schedule. The chance of success probably depends on how cluttered each room is. For some people one room could take all year, but for others an hour would be enough. If you feel able to share some before and after pictures would be interesting. Good luck!

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