December Income and Expenses report 2018

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went”

Dave Ramsey

December really does seem like it was such a long time ago. I think the main theme around last month was that we spent WAY TOO MUCH on Littlest Little Miss Fire at Christmas. But hey – whats the point in being a parent if you cant spoil them alittle right?

Income December 2018

Remember this doesn’t include side hustles as it has its own little report for now since we are putting our focus towards them.

Expenses December 2018

So whilst we overspent it wasn’t terrible, was it really?

Food and Household

Not too much to write home about. We are moving away from our usual eating habits now, inline with our health goals. I’m expecting it to cost more over the next few months whilst we find our feet with it.


A cinema trip here, swimming there and a new fit bit strap for me!


I’ve decided that nothing is pleasant about this column! We had to renew our house insurance and a few other household type things which resulted in an a rather large overspend.

Littlest Little Miss Fire

She overspent again didn’t she? We really need to teach her about FI (or should that be us!) Christmas happened and she doesn’t seem to be able to stop growing!

We had a bit money left at the end of all this, which is pretty great with it being a harsh month.

How was your income and expenses for December? I’d love to know so leave a comment or tweet or email me! 


  1. I just wondered whether you budget monthly towards large bills like the house insurance. What do you expect to be covered by ‘other’. I have seen annual budgets which divide an annual expense into 12 and then that amount is put aside every month so when the bill comes in you already have the money.

    • Hi Sam, Thanks for stopping by! We have a list of our annual expenses such as house insurance, car insurance ect… However we don’t save towards them on a monthly basis as we know that keeping our spare money each month in cash will meet them. Its a by product of having both a yearly and monthly budget as well as tracking our income.

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