Erase and rewind

Summer is officially over and I’m back after a rather long break. The three of us have had a lovely six weeks half term break and are ready to start the year fresh!

Woman of fire

Notice my original wordpress blog has now been deleted and this blog is looking rather bleak and empty? Let me explain whats been happening over the last month.Make that months (technically make it three years) A lot has happened actually. After announcing our first business venture, I felt my anonymity was lost. This made it impossible for me to blog. I write about whats personal to me and about our family. I’d never really thought about what people think about what I wrote. I write for me and as an outlet for my thoughts. I’ve decided to break the link between the business venture and this blog. I really wanted to be open and transparent with you as my intention has always been that people can follow along with us in real time. With regards to our first business – I’m not going to be able to do this. I do ask that those of  you who know the connection keep it to themselves and remove any posts that link the two.

Chained computer

The business venture can survive without the connection to this blog, but I fear the blog wont survive with the business connection.
Last months focus.Its all been around deciding where I want my life and where we want our lives to go. Its been a lot of soul searching on my side and not enough time to really communicate it to Mr Fire. I’ve lost focus on all the others areas in my life to solely  concentrate on getting our business up and running.

My focus going forward.

The Beach

Hmmm there are a few! 

  • Eating a Mediterranean diet.
    The research around the health benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet is breath taking!
  • Having fun with fitness
    Yes you read that right! I don’t believe that fitness should be a chore and something you have to force yourself to do.
  • Increasing the income
    Well it isn’t an FI type blog for nothing! Side hustle exploration and pursuing my dream of being an entrepreneur.
  • Self Evolution
    I’m big into self development – No I mean REAL BIG into it.

This blog will be a mix between FI, Fitness, Food, Freedom and whatever else I want to add in. No more chains! . I’ve grown and evolved so much over the past few months that this blog has no choice but to evolve too.

For those of you who have stuck by my blog for all the months I’ve been gone – a MASSIVE thank you!, To those followers I’ve lost – I wish you well and to any new readers who stumble upon my blog – Welcome.


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