How much can you make Matched Betting?

The fourth article in my matched betting series focuses on the real question on everyone’s lips “How much can you make from Matched Betting” Matched Betting can seem like a scam in my opinion – everyone posting about making their fortune from placing a few bets a day. There is definitely money to be made, especially if you know where to look.

If your new to Matched Betting then I recommend reading my previous articles in the series before this one. This guide is all about the different types of ways you can extract money from the bookies using Matched Betting. This guide is a detailed look at the more advanced types of bets. I strongly recommend you get familiar with the bets mention in my previous article so you are able to successfully follow along with this guide.

Multi-Step offers

As the name suggests, these offers simply include a variety of steps in order to extract your free bet. This is rather like jumping through hoops type of bet, but whilst they can be time-consuming, they aren’t actually that difficult once you know what you’re doing.

Using Matched Betting software some as Oddsmonkey really comes into play here to ensure you don’t lose much money on each bet you place in order to qualify.

Interestingly, these types of bets were created in order to encourage a behavioural pattern in gamblers in order to keep them returning to bet with the same bookmaker.

The psychology behind them is that the punter gets so used to placing bets with the site that they form an attachment with the bookie and keep returning. Luckily this technique does not work on us Matched Betters!

My favourite one of these is definitely Sporting Indexes Bet 5 x £5 and get £25 free bet. Its a relatively simple offer which just requires you to bet £25 in £5 increments and when that bet has finished repeat 4 more times.

After you have successfully bet your £5 five times you are then rewarded with your £25 free bet that you can turn into £19 profit. Not bad when you think it should only really take you an hour.

Enhanced Odds

The name gives this one away really. This one is surprisingly simple as long as you ensure you read the T & C’s and are able to back and lay bets quickly since sometimes the requirements mean you have to place a bet in play.

The odds move extremely quickly when the event is in play so you really can’t afford to take your time. That’s why it’s important to try some of the other “slower” moving bets to ensure you have you really have the technique down. Ensure you link up your exchange account with the Oddsmonkey Oddsmatcher to speed things up.

This bet is simply taking advantage of the enhanced odds that bookmakers offer occasionally. My favourite one is 32Red’s sign up offer. I made £18 profit!

Mobile Bet offers

Another self-explanatory one that needs just a little introduction! Some bookies like to encourage their customers to use their phones to bet and so run mobile-only bet offers from time to time.

I personally don’t like to use my mobile phone to bet since the screen is so much smaller than my laptop! Oddsmonkey is a godsend for this since it links your accounts up to its tools.

Same rules apply as with any typical Matched Bet. Back and Lay ensuring you can snare your free bet and then convert it for profit. I usually make around £2 a bet when using mobile-only offers.

Market/trigger Bets

These ones can be rather tricky to navigate. The rules applied to this bet type is also the same for trigger bets. With a market bet, the bookie defines which market your bet must be placed on. You are then rewarded with a free bet if your bet loses.

Trigger bets work the same in the sense that an even has to happen/not happen in order to “trigger” your free bet.

I mainly see this bet type applied to horse racing and the odds can move really quickly on horse racing! I’ve never seen the free bet being offered higher than around £25 which can be converted with the help of OddsMonkey nicely into around £18 profit.


ACCAS can seem rather complicated and daunting. Plus they are very costly if you do them wrong which I have done previously! Luckily the wonderful team at OddsMonkey were on hand for me to chat to and they helped me improve my technique so much that I am the self-proclaimed ACCA Queen now!

ACCAS are basically laying lots of bets sequentially i.e. not having them overlap and laying them one bet at a time and waiting for the result of that bet before laying the next. This is due to the previous events result affecting how much you lay as well as if you need to lay at all.

Confused yet? Using an ACCA finder software is essential and ensures your Matched Betting software provider also has some guides around ACCA as it’s useful to keep checking through them whilst you place your first few ACCAS.

Patience is a virtue with ACCA’s along with trusting the method. The term ACCA stands for Accumulating Bet and you are basically betting on lots of events that are linked together. If your backed bets are winning then the wager and odds are applied to the next event you are betting on.

ACCA’s are available on almost all sporting events although they are most popular on football. It’s important to note that ACCA’s are not really risk-free. There is a fair bit of human error involved here and if you simply forget to place and lay a bet then you will lose the pot of money you have been working towards!

Likewise, if you lay a bet incorrectly, you will lose the money accumulated so far. My advice is to use an alert system such as a calendar or reminder system on your phone to ensure you don’t forget about your ACCA especially if you place several a week.

ACCA’s give you the chance to start off with a £10 bet and turning it into a much bigger amount. On days when ACCA’s are going my way, I am easily able to turn that £10 bet into £200 with no extra effort than normal Matched Betting.

Over to you

As you can see from my above examples, Earning from Matched Betting is relatively simple especially if your following along with a free guide or using your software providers. In the five examples I have provided above I would have made £257, which is pretty great considering its only on 5 different bet types.

The bet types I’ve detailed above are all available using new account sign up offers too so there really are plenty of offers to be had when your starting out.

I’d love to hear if you’ve tried matched betting and what your experience was like? Are you new to matched betting or an expert? Comment below to let me know.

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