How to make money from Amazon

Did you know Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world? On Amazon’s marketplace alone there are more than 2 and a half million sellers and there are even some businesses who make their full-time income solely on Amazon! In this guide, I will be showcasing how to make money from Amazon and you don’t even have to have a product to sell!

Sell products via Amazon FBA

Amazon needs no introduction, it’s taking over the world online and virtually every country has its own dedicated website too. Most people don’t think twice about checking if they can purchase something from Amazon before braving the high street.

Notice this product is sold by Aumay but fulfilled by Amazon

There is another side to Amazon, however – called Fulfilled by Amazon or Amazon FBA for short. This means that when you purchase something from Amazon, it may actually be sold via a third party.

Amazon holds all the stock in their warehouse, arrange the delivery and postage on the third parties’ behalf. They even deal with all refunds and returns! From a customer point of view, there is no different to purchasing an order sold by Amazon or sold via Amazon FBA.

Seller benefits from Amazon FBA are not having to hold your hold stock along with having the massive selling power of Amazon working on your behalf. I will be writing a detailed article about how to make money from Amazon FBA shortly. 

Sell your stuff.

Similar to Amazon FBA, you are able to sell your items directly through amazon but keep the direct selling communications and shipping to yourself – known as seller fulfiled prime. This is perfect if you are also selling on other sites and/or in-person so you have full control over stock levels.

There a tonne of items you can sell on Amazon without having to be a huge company, selling unwanted Christmas presents for example. There is also the option to become an Amazon professional seller which means you can also sell clothes. This is great since I always end up with items still with the price tag on that I should have returned by never gotten round to it.

Something to remember is that Amazon (of course) do take a cut of your profits so that should be factored into your selling price to ensure you still make a profit.

Sell your skills. 

The not so well-known crowdfunding marketplace of Amazon is Mechanical Turk.

This platform allows individuals and businesses to outsource their tasks to be completed virtually leaving them free to handle all the other stuff. Examples of tasks are data entry and validation, online surveys, and content modification.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (or Turk for short) is Amazon’s equivalent of virtual task-orientated websites such as Upwork or people per hour and allows you to register as either a requester looking to find someone to complete tasks or as a worker being someone to complete the tasks.

Average earning on Turk are around $6 to $10 per hour so about £4 to £8. Whilst that is a fairly low hourly rate, there are a variety of things you can do to increase this figure. It also depends on what tasks you are completing and how long they take you to do them. 

Join the Affiliates Scheme

Possibly the most well-known way to make money on Amazon is starting a website and adding affiliate links from Amazon. This one is for those in it for the long haul. It’s rather simple to join the affiliate scheme and there are tonnes of training videos to help you get started. All you need is to set up a website (using siteground of course!) write some content and then add affiliate links.

The general principle around affiliate links (for those who don’t know) is to write about a topic, more commonly known as a niche. From here you simply link any purchasable products with a link directly to Amazon. It’s vital that you use the link builder in your Amazon affiliate page so that you’re tracking ID is contained within the link. This is so Amazon can link the product to your account and reward you with some money!

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular forms of passive income. It just isn’t as easy as it sounds! I’m a keen affiliate marketer (not just with Amazon) so I will produce a full guide on this one.

Write a book.

Amazon makes it relatively simple for you to sell your books through them, the hardest part is writing the book! Obviously, this amazon money-making platform sounds more suited to those of the writing persuasion but it doesn’t have to be war and peace that you produce.

Upon completing your book, you just need to sign up to create a Kindle Direct Publishing account. Next, you chose your publishing formats such as hardback or kindle publishing. Finally, you create your listing and upload your books cover. If your not an artist then you are able to pay others to design your book cover for you.

Lastly, you sit back and wait! upon have a few books up this can essentially become a passive income stream.  I would recommend taking advantage of Amazon Kindles free trial before embarking on your writing advantage to give you an idea of what’s already out there.

Sell your designs

Ever wanted to see your awesome artwork creations on a t-shirt but can’t afford the printer? Never fear for Merch by Amazon is here! This one is my favourite Amazon income earning stream as its so much fun!

Simply upload your design and then decide what your product type and colour will be. Then you add a product description (similar to E bay) and you’re done. When people want to buy your design Merch by Amazon will produce it, ship it and deal with all the customer service aspect. You can simply sit back and get paid. There is no cost to you as well if no one buys it, so it pays to attempt this one.

There are of course tools out there to ensure that you create a design that is going to sell and I honestly can’t see how people make money without it. I use Merch Informer which is great for giving you keywords and ideas of what to create.


There are boatfuls of options to try when it comes to making money on Amazon and there are some passive options too.

I would love to know if you’ve tried making money on amazon? It would be great if you could share your experiences here as well.

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