I’m back!

I must admit I’ve been away for quite a while. So long in fact that the world is now an entirely different place!

I’ve used my time rather wisely though! I’m proud to announce that I am now making money online each month that is more than my full-time job paid!

During my time away I have still been trying and testing out everything I possibly could, trying to find the best ways to make money online without it feeling like a full-time job.

I’m pleased to say I was successful and now spend just a few hours a day at the laptop leaving me free to enjoy my free time and dare I say my Early Retirement! I’m now able to attend all the school events (pre-covid obviously), meet friends and family whenever I want and to basically just enjoy my life.

I have rather neglected the blog I’m afraid so I have a lot of catching up to do! This blog will now be my record of how anyone can successfully bring in a stable monthly income from home. It will also get a fresh update and hopefully a slightly new look! I’m open to ideas, suggestions and questions! My aim is to turn this site into a reference point of information for everyone interested in side hustles, personal finance and making money online.

This blog is aimed at all the FI (Financial Independence) and FIRE followers (Financial Independence Retire Early) but also just ordinary people who want to make money online. There are no scams, no paid to recommend and no adverts. I will add in my recommendations based on my own experience and if I add an affiliate link or three it will be based on my own opinions. I will not endorse anything that I haven’t tried myself.

I will be providing all the ways I have tried to make money and I will continue to keep trying new ways so please let me know of anything new out there you would like to see me try.

Over to you

Feel free to leave comments, suggestions and questions below or use my contact page.

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