Introducing Springmount Gin

I’ve been rather tardy lately on this blog. I have a real good reason though – Gin. More Specifically Springmount Gin. Mr Fire and I have embarked on quite possibly the mother of all side hustles. We have always had an interest in Gin albeit drinking it opposed to making it. We have been working on it secretly for the past few months.

Why Gin?

Why not! Seriously though, we have always had a special place in our hearts for gin. We aren’t talking gin liqueurs or the weird echo falls cross breed. We mean real premium juniper heavy gins that slide effortlessly over crushed ice – enter Springmount Gin.

Aside from loving gin, we also believe there is a wide and vast market for new gins. Sure the gin market is growing rather rapidly and the market may appear saturated but who wouldn’t want to try a new gin? We aren’t going to be making run of the mill flavours either. We want to create something as special and individual as we are hence the name Springmount Gin.

Who created the gins?

We did! With the support of our master distiller, all the gins created have been created using our own hands. No sitting on the side lines here! Every botanical used in each Springmount gin recipe has been carefully selected by us. We know what each and every botanical in each bottle of Springmount gin does and more importantly, why its in there.

The Finances

I’m sure you can imagine, setting up a gin brand from scratch is not cheap – far from it actually! We have invested a fair bit of our own money in it so far. This has allowed us to create five new gin recipes, further develop three of them and produce our batch zero.

We have bankrolled several taster sessions and are sending out miniature gins to interested parties as we speak. We have also purchased copious amounts of tonic and other miscellaneous items.

Can we finance the whole thing ourselves? Probably not. Which is why we have created a campaign on crowdfunder – check it out and become a backer if you so wish.

Springmount gin crowdfunding rewards

Its a rather tall order to raise 17k in just five weeks. We’ve also upped the pressure by setting our challenge to “all or nothing” which, quite simply put means if we don’t get the full 17k then we leave with nothing and all the money is refunded to the backer. Obviously this means those wanting to pre-order their bottle will lose the chance.

Do we have a back up plan?

You bet! There are several back up plans we have running behind the scenes just incase we don’t get the full 17k. It’s not great to think that we won’t make the crowdfunder target but hey, we have to be realistic right!

The future

The aim is to release Springmount in May this year. Yes we have set ourselves a rather tight deadline. We are having lots of fun creating our gin brand and are very eager to bring it to market! We are lucky enough to have had lots of interest in purchasing the first batch. Our crowdfunder rewards to backers allows us to guarantee that those who want to purchase from the first batch will defiantly receive a bottle.

As always I’ll keep you updated on this side hustle like all the other we do! We would love to know your thoughts on our new gin venture!


  1. Go you guys! This is a PROPER side hustle. Totally, 100% impressed.

    I agree with your analysis. It does seem like the artisan spirits market is going down the same route that craft beers have done with there being room for a range of new players.

    I’ll go and have a look at your Crowdfunder (can’t promise I’ll invest…).

    Very best of luck with it though…I’ll be rooting for you and following with interest!

    • Thanks Caveman! The gin market has exploded in recent years so that is good news for us! (If we can get to market)
      Its taken a lot of effort and no small amount of money to be here and is proving to be much more expensive than we thought (hence the crowd funding campaign) e really have enjoyed our journey thus far so if it all doesn’t come to fruition then at least we tried.

  2. I’ve been a gin drinker for years and gone are the days where all you had on offer was Gordons or Bombay Sapphire – people like choice and your flavours seem to be very different.

    Good luck with the crowdfunding.

    Very impressed with this venture and wish you every success!

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