Making Money in 2021- Ideas to start today!

With the Christmas and New year festivities over and done with, everyone comes crashing back down to earth and reality. The urge to quit the day job and live the life you want is always stronger at this time of year! We’ve had a taste of freedom and we want more! I’m lucky enough to not have to go back to “normality”. Here are all the ways I’ll be making money in 2021:

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of my favourite ways to make money! I love the passivity of this one! How to chose to go about your affiliate websites is completely up to you. There is the choice of whether you actually write the posts yourself or not. This is my top pick for making money in 2021!

Its easier now than ever to start a website or blog and convert it into a money-making machine. Simply buy your domain name, purchase your hosting, chose your template and off you go writing!

What to do if writing isn’t your thing? You can hire someone to do that for you whilst you contrate on something else!

Ensure either you or your freelancer are signed up to a keyword and SEO checker. This ensures you’re able to drive traffic organically and can get indexed by Google!

Matched Betting

My other favourite and a great way to make money in 2021! Matched Betting is active and Affiliate Marketing is passive. This is why they both go together extremely well for those of you who are time-poor. Plus it’s great for being time efficient!

What I love about Matched Betting is that you don’t need a lot of cash to get started. Also, you are in complete control over where your money goes. It’s your decision how much you win (or sacrifice in order to get that free bet). Check out my Matched Betting series to learn more if you’re new to it.

If you’re after quick cash then this is definitely the one for you. It is possible to turn £100 into £500 in just one month with some people doubling this amount!

Using Matched Betting Software is essential! If your not sure if it’s for you then try this free 7-day trial. You can make between £38 – £56 during this trial period. Then you can only upgrade to the paid version if you find you like it!


If you are looking as a way to replace the day job and don’t mind spending a few hours at the computer then freelancing could be for you. I explain more about Fiverr in my how to earn money with Fiverr article. If you’ve never heard of it before then the concept of freelancing on Fiverr is simple.

People post relatively mundane or skilled tasks and will pay for people to complete them. The jobs themselves can be anything from writing someone’s CV to 3D rendering! The jobs are quite varied.

Freelancing isn’t for everyone and it definitely isn’t anywhere near as profitable as the first two listed here!

Amazon Merch

This is something I’ve been dabbling with over the last few months! I will provide a full detailed post on it when my research is complete.

What piqued my interest in Amazon Merch is everyone seems to be making some serious bank with Amazon Merch.

The concept of Amazon Merch is very simple. It’s a print on demand service with Amazon dealing with all the boring bits like making it, delivering it and customer service and all you need to do is create the designs!

A fair bit of research is required in order to utilize keywords and also know what it is that people want to buy. No need to stand outside with a clipboard surveying foot traffic though! Merch informer has you covered! Merch Informer is basically specifically created software for Amazon Merch sellers that allows you to research keywords in order to boost your success at selling your designs.

It basically allows you to see what chance your idea has of selling by checking your competition, keywords and also makes sure your not infringing the all-important copyright (Amazon takes this REAL serious!)

I have already signed up to Merch Informer since I find it essential and If you use my code of LMF you get a 20% discount off!

Amazon merch is definitely one of the ways I’ll be making money in 2021!

Amazon FBA

Yes another Amazon related money making opportunity! This time it comes in the form of Fulfilled by Amazon.

This one can be rather simple such as finding some items in your local charity shop (such as computer games) and then sending them to Amazon to be sold via FBA or it can get really complicated such as getting your own products created and then sending them to Amazon.

There are various fees that are applied when selling via Amazon FBA so understanding them along with the whole process is crucial otherwise your simply wasting money!

Naturally, there is software that you can get which is supposed to make the whole ensuring it sells well part much easier. I have been experimenting on Amazon FBA for a year now and I have found Jungle Scout invaluable! If you haven’t heard of it, then put simply its where you research what you’re thinking of selling to see if it’s worth it (and before spending any money!)

There are tonnes of filters that help you shrink down Amazon’s vast selection and work out what it is that you want to sell.


It’s hard not to want to sell all the odds and ends that every house inevitably builds up.

Outgrown toys that still look like new, out of date mobile phones and laptops along with clothes that no longer fit me (my fitness journey is showing some serious results!)

I currently have a clear out a few times a year as I’m not a big fan of reselling as a main source of income. It’s a personal choice more than anything else.

I use a combination of Facebook Market Place, Music Magpie (for tech) and Ebay


Making money online doesn’t have to be hard or complicated it just takes some research to find what’s out there and if its real or not! I’ve spent several years researching and trialling and testing all the different ways out there that people claim to make money.

I have found what works for me and now I am able to earn more than I ever did at a 0 – 5 job and still pick the children up from school.

What are your money-making ideas for 2021 Will you be trying out any of the above? I’d love for you to comment with them below. I’d also love to hear how your side hustles went for this year. 

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