March Income and Expenses report 2018

“Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants” –Epictetus

I have been doing really well at tracking these now. It got a bit hectic at the end of the month as half term always catches me off guard even though I know its coming! My spreadsheet has been reworked a few times and then given its final tweak by Mr Fire.

Income March 2018


The matched betting profit still isn’t included as we are toying with what to do with it.


This is our best month so far! We are aiming to curb back now on going out and the food bill seems to be reducing finally!

We are hoping to reduce our petrol expenditure as hopefully we have seen the last of the snow and ice. This means Mr Fire can start travelling to work on his motorbike which is much cheaper to fill up!

We actually have some savings this month too! Hooray! Mr Fire has very kindly calculated our savings rate so here it is:


We are now thinking of really pushing to pay off the mortgage! Its one of our biggest expenses so it would really help escalate us to FI if we didn’t have it!

I’m struggling to log Mr Fire’s matched betting with him working longer hours around month end and also with the Easter break. I’ve decided I’ll still do the weekly matched betting updates but they will be one month behind. Expect some blank Tuesdays posts until I am one month behind though!

How was your income and expenses for March? I’d love to know so leave a comment or tweet or email me! 


  1. Well done LMF. Great to see a nice surplus there. Shouldn’t you still include MB’ing as income even if deciding on what to do with it?

    I managed 51% SR in March. I always try to aim for 50% plus (advantage of having no mortgage though else wouldn’t be able to)

    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks very much. Yes you’re right. I really should have included Matched Betting income as income.
      WOW your savings rate is astonishing! Do you mind me asking whats your projected time to reach FI?

    • Hi Prometheus!
      Thanks for your comment! My other half does ready Mr M. We know its a big no no, but we are keeping one car on as a safety net. Mr Fire currently travels 20 miles to work on his motorbike but it isn’t that great when its icy or snowing. We are working on it promise! Thanks for stopping by.

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