Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs: I am a Triangle

“It’s not the situation, but whether we react (negative) or respond (positive) to the situation that’s important” –Zig Ziglar

During my research of all things money, I realised that I am a little lost. Well actually alot lost. As I’ve mentioned more than a few times, I’m not financially wired. In fact Mr Fire calls my money management “the shop floor” technique. I seem to see money in its rawest form, similar to cash in a till. You pay for something and it leaves the till, you make money and it goes in the till. All my money (or lack ot it) where I can see it. This doesn’t really have any longevity to it. It got me thinking, more than usual.

Could I use my journey to financial independence not just to invest financially but to also invest in myself. I always thought I was quite self aware. I have suffered with my mental health for over a decade and I never conformed to “covering it up” as it has been suggested to me numerous times (more than you could imagine)

This all lead up to me finding Maslow’s hierachy of needs. I’m not a psychologist so I will not try to fully divulge his studies here on my humble little blog. In a nutshell, Maslow created a triangle based on the order in which humans desire to fulfill certain needs with the ultimate goal being self actualization.  A few hours of research brought up that many financial independence bloggers have adapted this triangle to reflect their journey to financial freedom.

I do love a good picture so I decided to create my own version too (Maslow’s original pyramid is the title pic)

Twelth post

Twelth post_2

I’m sure these are not perfect but that’s ok. I’m starting out on my journey and I’m happy to change them as I grown and learn.

I actually found it really good motivation, so now I will be aiming to work through both my financial triangle and also my own version of Maslow’s to form a  nice road map to get where I want to go.

What do you think of Maslow’s triangle? what keeps you focused?



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