Matched Betting Blog – October 2020

Since starting my Matched Betting series, I’ve received a load of emails from people asking me what a typical day/week/month of Matched Betting looks like and how much money it would bring in. I normally only Matched Bet now when there are big events since I earn my living from several different sources, however, I thought I’d spend a month Matched Betting to see the results and share them with you. Here is my Matched Betting Blog – October 2020

(please remember that not all Matched Betting is risk-free so ensure you fully understand it before risking your own cash)

Week 1 = 5/10/2020 – 11/10/2020

I’m not going to lie, I felt a little rusty going back to my Matched Betting Bet Club offers! It actually felt pretty good to be checking the Oddsmatcher and using the calculator again! I was happy to see I hadn’t lost my lightning-fast reflexes needed to secure the every changing odds!

I won’t bore you with the ins and out of every bet but I will include the more interesting bits! I came across a bookie I had never heard of before called Kwiff. Kwiff is a bit different than regular bookmakers – Obviously, they offer all the same sporting events as every other bookie but they offer every customer a chance of their betting odds being “supercharged”. This basically means that they will enhance your odds.

The downside to Kwiff is that its a mobile only site and I hate betting on my mobile! There is a desktop version available but the site really is designed for your phone, but the promise of getting “Kwiffed” (the term used for getting your odds supercharged” made me persevere.

I’d read most people receive this bonus within 5 bets so using their free bet club was a great way to test out how fast I got mine. The bet club requires you to bet £50 in order to receive a £5 free bet. I broke my £50 up into five lots of £10 in order to attempt to trip the system into supercharging my odds. Bet number two was the lucky one and I got a nice little boost.

I mixed up my bet club offers with some good old fashioned arbing and some reload offers.


  • Bet Clubs – £45.50
  • Reload Offers £10
  • Arbing £50 ish

Week 2 = 12/10/2020 – 18/10/2020

I hit the bet clubs again as I find this helps get me back into the right mindset for Matched Betting. I tend to scan what OddsMonkey pull together offer wise and then work out my day plan from there. I’d forgotten how easy it is to feel the thrill of Matched Betting (even though you aren’t really gambling, the high from earning money from it does give me a little lift)

I discovered 888sports bet club which I’d missed last week so whilst it’s only an extra £2 all really does all add up when Matched Betting. There were also some really good reload offers on and I got a little bit carried away!

I also checked the OddsMatcher and filtered it to only show me the bets worth over £5 and I was pleasantly surprised that there were quite a few.


  • Bet Clubs – £47.50 – extra £2 thanks to 888sport.
  • Reload Offers £35
  • Arbing £42.10

Week 3 = 19/10/2020 – 25/10/2020

I’m really getting into the swing of things now. I’ve really sped up my technique and also spent a weird amount of time overhauling my Matched Betting spreadsheet (heaven knows why?!) I still only really spend a couple of hours in the morning on it after dropping the children off at schools/nursery so it doesn’t really affect my daily routine.

Most of my reload offers dried up so that set me off course a little since I had such a good week last week with them, which led me scrambling around looking at the daily offers calendar.

In the end, I succumbed to checking the ACCA finder and found a few ACCA’s that would turn a nice little profit (remember there is a risk to ACCA’s though!) I lost on the first few but then three I put on paid out at around £55 each!

  • Bet Clubs – £47.50 – remembered 888sport this week!
  • Reload Offers £6.25
  • Arbing £164.14

Week 4 = 26/10/2020 – 1/11/2020

AAAHHHH Half term week! I totally forgot about this when I was planning it out. Whilst Matched Betting isn’t actually hard, it does take quite a lot of concentration which I don’t have when there are three children running and screaming around the house!

I tried my best for the first two days but then after not being able to sleep thinking I might have messed up one of my bets (did I lay it? did I lay the right amount? was it even on the right bet?) only to find that I never actually placed the bet!, I decided to stop completely whilst the kiddos were awake and just stick to bet clubs after they had gone to bed.

I only dedicated 30 mins at most to it each night and still made a decent ish amount:


  • Bet Clubs – £47.50

She shoots, she scores!

It was strangely nostalgic to spend a whole month Matched Betting part-time again. There was a time when I was without a job and a roof over my head and Matched Betting was my “golden ticket” back to a somewhat normal life.

Obviously I have learned so much since then and I know that it wasn’t Matched Betting alone that got me out of that hole but a combination of lots of other online money making ideas. I had a lot of fun Matched Betting throughout October and really enjoyed being able to pick it up again.

I like the fast paced nature of Matched Betting and the fact that it pays out almost instantly (some bookies do take a few days to give you, your hard earned free bet…) so its nice to see the money move from your bookie account to your exchange account and bank again (often several times)

A word of caution though – don’t be in too much of a rush to withdraw your hard-earned profit as it can often raise red flags for bookies and they can gub you – more on that in my next post!

So in October 2020 I made a grand total of £495.49! – thanks OddsMonkey!

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