Matched Betting Long Term – The ultimate guide

For the fifth article in my Matched Betting guide, I will be focusing on the topic that is always popping up in news articles and in blogs. From the outside Matched Betting can seem like its more of a temporary income stream since the main focus is on the welcome offers. Most people who try Matched Betting give up after the easier offers and simply never try again. They see it as a flash in the pan, but there is definitely a future in Matched Betting long term. This article will show you have to keep Matched Betting even after the welcome offers.

Daily Offers

There is more to Matched Betting that welcome and reload offers. Each day bookies are offering free bets as a way to entice punters to bet away their hard-earned money. Being Matched Betters we are able to take advantage of this and come out on top by making some good profit.

Daily offers work the same way as the welcome offers really, usually offering bet £x get £x free bet. There are plenty of offers on each day and many are guaranteed profit as well. If I were to complete all the daily offers that are on offer today, for example, I would make £47 in profit. Having the OddsMonkey daily offer calendar is essential.

Obviously, the amount of money I would have to have in the exchange and bookies would be fairly large so whilst it’s possible, it will take a while to get up to that level. On average I’d say you can make around each day just from the daily offers which when combined with the below offers adds up to some good profit.

Weekly Bet Clubs

Weekly bet clubs are free bet clubs that are offered as a reward for customer loyality. The idea is that you keep betting with the bookie and then in turn they reward you with offers. The offers are similar to welcome offers and your aim is to still extract around 80% of profit from the free bets that you unlock,

To unlock the free bet, you usually just have to keep betting with the bookie which suits us Matched Betters as its something we would be doing anyway! Sky Bet is my favourite bet club as they offer bet £25 worth of bets and you are rewarded with a £5 bet.

Whilst £5 seems like a rather small reward for betting £25, you must remember that we are extracting profit every time we bet. Ideally, you want to be making a bit of profit on the £25 that you have to bet in order to qualify. The £5 bet can be converted into around £2.70 worth of profit. Using the OddsMatcher its easy to convert the free bet into around 80% profit.

Another example of a bet club is Betways bet £25 get £10 free bet. Again it’s exactly the same as a welcome offer and as above in SkyBet. The free bet is then converted into profit (around £7 worth)


I touched on ACCA’s in my last article (click here if you missed it) ACCAS are basically laying lots of bets sequentially i.e. not having them overlap and laying them one bet at a time and waiting for the result of that bet before laying the next. This is due to the previous events result affecting how much you lay as well as if you need to lay at all.

It sounds much more complicated then it is but its vital to have Oddsmonkey ACCA Finder. Then it really isn’t any harder than your usual Matched Betting except you are backing and laying events based on what has happened in the previous events.

I could write a book about ACCA’s however it shouldn’t really get too complicated as you run the risk of making it so long winded that you put yourself off doing it! I might write a post at some point on ACCA’s and getting started but for now I will just run through the basic types:

ACCA Finder – This is an essential piece of software that does all the leg work for you and tells you what to bet on and how much you will make no matter what the outcome is. You can’t do ACCA’s without them.

No Lay ACCA – With these types of ACCA’s you don’t lay any of the bets that you place. Needless to say, this method is not risk-free and should be used with extreme caution. In other words, don’t bet your life savings on this.

Lay All at Start – As the name suggests, all the lays happen at the start of the ACCA which makes this type a really quick and simple method. Since all the backing and laying happens at the start, these types of ACCA’s can be forgotten about and then you can pick up the profits when they come in. This is definitely my favourite type of ACCA as I can be getting on with my other income streams without having to come back after each event has happened.

Lay Sequential – This is a rather time-consuming ACCA where you lay each bet one by one according to what the outcome was at the previous event. The idea is that if one team loses, you will then receive your free bet. In this method, each event must start after the previous event has finished. You only receive your free bet if one of your selection loses.

Lay Sequential Lock-In – This ACCA is similar to the one above except you aren’t looking at receiving a free bet. You get your profit here from the laying. This one requires a fairly substantial bankroll since the lay bet gets bigger and bigger as each event happens. One wrong move or if you run out of funds and you stand to lose a serious amount of money.

Whilst ACCA’s are a great way to earn money and can definitely supercharge your Matched Betting income, please remember that they are not risk-free so please do your own research.

Casino Offers

Casino’s operate exactly the same as bookies. They want to entice gamblers in with a few free spins or offers just the same way that bookies attract gamblers with free bets and offers. The aim of casino offers is to extract money from the casinos by removing the gambling part of the equation.

Casino Matched Betting focuses on the expected value (EV) which is the money that is expected to be gained on average. Casino offers are not risk-free and all profit is usually calculated using an average opposed to specific individual amounts. Casino offers are very much, you win some and you lose some. The focus is on the average amount so consistency is key along with trusting the stats.

Casino offers can get rather complicated so using a good guide is essential.

Here to stay

As you can see Matched Betting goes much further than welcome and reload offers so it is definitely sustainable long term. For me, I mostly bet on the big events and ensure my bankroll is large enough to really max out my profit. I usually make a few thousand pounds a year using this strategy and its very easy money.

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