Matched Betting Update: 20th – 26th Feb 2018

A little later than planned but yesterday we got snowed in so I spent the day with the little one making snow people and generally having a day off!

Mr Fire and I are still going strong with our Matched Betting trial. He is totally sold on the idea of it being able to bring in some extra income although I’m not too convinced. Its seems really complicated and I seem to have an unwillingness to want to learn. I think I’m so afraid of making a mistake that I’m trying to protect myself but If I don’t try then I will never be able to reach FIRE as its all about trial and error right?

20th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange

Nothing for that day. Mr Fire was too ill to go to work and spent the day in bed. I checked Oddsmonkey every so often but there didn’t seem to be anything really happening.

21st Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£0.77 Oddsmatch £0.24 Betfair Smakets
Oddsmatch £0.44 Betfair Smarkets
Bet Club QL -£0.60 Coral Smarkets
Free Spins £0.31 William Hill N/A
Oddsmatch £0.38 William Hill Betfair

Not a big win for today. I am finding it very hard to make money whilst being gubbed but I’m going to get a new bank account set up and reread all about not getting gubbed to help preserve my accounts. I did do the Coral bet club and made just a small loss of 60p.

22nd Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£15.89 Oddsmatch £0.13 Betfair Smarkets
Oddsmatch £5.79 32red bet smarkets
Oddsmatch £8.71 William Hill Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.69 Sporting Bet Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.57 Sporting Bet Smarkets

A good day! No mistakes and I think I am getting into the swing of things now. Reading the comments from my last post, I do think I will phase out the arbing I do (I call it Oddsmatch if you haven’t noticed as I’m silly like that) and move more into bet clubs and offers.

23rd  Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£1.57 Oddsmatch £0.76 coral Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.30 Sporting Bet Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.51 sporting bet Smarkets

Just bits and  bobs for today!

24th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£1.64 Oddsmatch £0.03 Betfair Smarkets
Oddsmatch £1.52 coral Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.09 Betfair Smarkets

Nothing major to report….

25th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£0.70 Oddsmatch £0.70 William hill Smarkets

Sunday was a big family day filled with country walks and multiple parks so no Matched Betting too place.

26th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange

No Matched Betting here as I spent alot of the day reading all about Matched Betting and Arbing. It seems like I haven’t been doing “true” Matched Betting at all but instead just Arbing which is only for the experienced and those with specialised software. That’s was an eye opener, but the positive from it is simple. For someone doing the wrong thing, my total last week was £20.50 which isn’t bad for someone doing something wrong.

My plan is to start again with my bookie accounts and stick to sign up offers and bet clubs from now on.

Mr Fires total? I’d guess about £40 again. He doesn’t keep records of it as he has it in his brain.

If your thinking of signing up to Oddsmonkey then please use my Affiliate link! It doesn’t cost you anything and I get a little bit of money.



  1. Why are you still arbing! 🙁
    You will make far more money from your time and effort by looking further into the Oddsmonkey guides on reload offers and so on, or just opening new accounts. Seriously knock this on the head for say a week and start reading the guides (don’t have to even place bets) just to understand how they work and how much money you could be making and you will see where it is best to place your efforts. And as mentioned before you will be far less likely to get gubbed from accounts by doing the normal offers as well.

    All the best 🙂

    • Hi FS!

      I think I’m a slow learner! Finally understand the error of my ways with the Arbing on the oddsmatcher! I’m definitely going to spend some time reading the guides! Thanks for the advice x

  2. I did matched betting back in the day when there was really good introductory offers around, it doesn’t look very profitable nowadays. From the numbers above it looks less than minimum wage…

  3. I agree with TFS – Stop arbing! It’s incredibly easy for the bookie to spot and only returns 2% average profits. I’d need to be betting £100,000 every month to make my monthly returns if I were arbing.

    The money in MBing is from the signup offers and then reloads. Do all the signups first, then look at the daily calendars and reload offers. There’s some really simple ones out there which take minutes and give a good £4-£20 profit each. Master these and then you can use that money on the adventerous but profitable stuff like the 2nd place horse refunds, price boosts and 2up offer.

    • Hi Matchedbettingguy,

      Thanks for the advice. Yes think I got a little too blinded by the “instant” money from arbing even though it was very litle. I think I’m going to be taking a little break for a while to curb my naughty new habit!

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