Matched Betting Update 27th March – 2nd April 2018


A very quiet week for us Matched Betting due to half term. Mr Fire doesn’t get as much time with the little one as he would like (like most dads) so its an easy decision for us to put our “side hustles” to one side and have some serious family time.

I’ll just be putting the workings from the days he did as its easier than showing you multiple blank days!



30th March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£21.54 QL -£1.83 Betfair Sportsbook  Smarkets
Free Bet £20.00 Betfair Sportsbook Smarkets
QL -£1.47 Betfair Sportsbook Smarkets
£2.82 Betfair Sportsbook Smarkets
Reload -£0.81 Bet 365 Smarkets
QL -£1.67 Sky Bet Smarkets
Free Bet £4.50 Sky Bet Betfair
31st March Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£10.48 QL -£0.62 Paddy Power Smarkets
Arbing £11.10 Sporting Bet Smarkets


1st April Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
-£9.67 Extra place -£0.84 Betfair Sportsbook Smarkets
Extra place -£2.66 Betfred Betfair/Betfair
Extra place -£2.36 Sky Bet Betfair/Betfair
Extra place -£2.62 Betfred Betfair/Betfair
Extra place -£3.28 Betfred Betfair/Smarkets
Extra place -£3.24 Betfred Betfair/Smarkets
Free Bet £2.69 Betfred Smarkets
Extra place -£0.06 Betfair Sportsbook Smarkets
Free Bet £3.39 Sporting Bet Betfair/Smarkets
 Extra Place -£0.69 Sporting Bet Smarkets

Total Matched Betting profit for the week:


I’m really proud of Mr Fire for achieving such a good profit! Sure its not in the thousands (which is what Mr Fire is aiming for) but I really would say he spends such a small amount of time on it at the moment that its amazing he’s gotten so much!

So what are we planning on doing with it? Remember my whole plan for Matched Betting money? Yes were not doing any of that! We are actually going to use it to start paying down our mortgage!

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I also recommend Smarkets and with this handy little link you get a free £10 bonus!


How is your Matched Betting going?


  1. Still trying to get into regular match betting myself. It doesn’t really excite me though, and is always the first thing that goes out of the window when i’m busy.

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