Matched Betting Update: w/c 5th Feb

Mr Fire and I decided to really give Matched Betting a chance and so we got to work last week, He’s going to be doing it after work and at weekends when he was able and I will be dabbling  throughout the week. I thought it might be useful to log it each week so I can learn from my mistakes (of which there are many!) I wont be able to be as precise with Mr Fires bets as he doesn’t even log them on a spreadsheet yet.

Here is how my my last two weeks looked:

8th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange Notes
£11.87 Oddsmatch £8.21 Betfair Smarkets
Free spins 0.62 Betfair Casino N/A
Oddsmatch 3.04 Sporting Bet Smarkets

Not too shabby for my first day! No real problems and I only checked the oddsmonkey oddsmatcher a few times! Got some free sins on the casino too which was nice.

9th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange Notes
£1.99 Oddsmatch £1.99 Coral Smarkets

I was projected to make £6.99 from this bet but my bet was sent to a “bet handler” and then denied so I was sure I was gubbed 🙁

Big break as half term happened so we had some random days out walking in the country, going to the farm ect…


14th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange Notes
£1.95 £4.38 Sporting Bet Betfair
Bet Club Qualify -2.43 Coral Smarkets Bet twice 🙁

This is where the silly mistakes started! I assumed I was gubbed from coral and so when it accepted my first £25 bet for the bet club, i refused to believe it and bet it again so I doubled my QL 🙁 live and learn I guess.

The mistakes began again unfortunately. I failed to check there was enough liability in my bet so I had to try and negate my losses by splitting the lay out over different odds. The to top that off the bet was voided after being reduced heavily!

Next mistake of the day was to lay at exchange before the bookies and there was a restrict on how much you could bet so I ended up making a loss on it. Mr Fire had to talk me through how to bet on the exchange to negate my losses. I was really fed up with Matched Betting at this point especially since even after all the tracking of my money in a spreadsheet I still seem to be short £153. I have no clue where its gone so I will probably take a day next weekend to let all my bets settle and see if I can track it down.

15th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange Notes
£4.64 Oddsmatch £3.58 Sporting Bet Smarkets
Oddsmatch 0.19 Sporting Bet Smarkets
Oddsmatch 0.87 Betfair Smarkets

Easier day today with no big mistakes!

16th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£2.44 Oddsmatch £1.95 Betfair Betfair
Oddsmatch £0.49 sporting bet Smarkets
Free Bet 0 Coral N/A

Had a lucky escape as I was about to put £100 down on Coral when I noticed my free bet was there. I decided to use that instead which was good as once I placed my bet on coral both exchanges emptied out the markets and I was unable to lay it. I lost my free bet and the £2.48 Qualifying but it could have been ALOT  worse. Also found out I’m gubbed at Sporting Bet now so I can only bet for winnings of £40……

17th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£16.65 Dutch 5 Coral Winner
Oddsmatch £2.01 William Hill Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.88 Betfair smarkets
Oddsmatch £6.19 Betfair smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.51 Sporting Bet smarkets
Oddsmatch £2.06 Betfair smarkets

Day started off rocky and my exchange lay was only partially matched. Mr Fire convinced me to sit tight and luckily after a few hours it was matched! He had a slight hiccup but saved it with his weird extensive knowledge of math and excel!

18th Feb Bet Type Profit Bookie Exchange
£2.62 Oddsmatch £0.60 betfair smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.37 Betfair Smarkets
Oddsmatch £0.60 Betfair Smarkets
Oddsmatch £1.05 William Hill smarkets

Another quiet day but no major problems so I’m happy.

I didn’t do any Matched Betting yesterday as I got myself all obsessed with knowing where my money is! I don’t have a dedicated bank account for MB so its hard to track and I’m a total control freak. I was also licking my wounds after being gubbed from several places!

Gub List
Betfair Sportsbook
Sky Bet
Paddy Power
Bet Victor
Sporting Bet
Stan James

I’m thinking of opening up a new bank account and setting up new MB accounts. Does anyone have any tips for not getting gubbed?

My total Profit from MB was £42.16 and Mr Fire’s was £40 which he got in one weekend!

If your thinking of signing up to Oddsmonkey then please use my Affiliate link! It doesn’t cost you anything and I get a little bit of money.

OddsMonkey Betfair Integration


  1. It looks like the ‘Oddsmatch’ offers you’re doing are ‘arbs’ where the back odds are higher than the lay odds? If so, that is a GUARANTEED way of getting your accounts gubbed so my tip is…stop doing this now!

    You’ve only been matched betting a short while yet you’re already gubbed by six bookies….for comparison, I didn’t receive my first gubbing until after 3 months of solid matched betting (nearly 500 bets).

    I would recommend that you consider just checking the Daily Calendar where Oddsmonkey gives step by step instructions on how to do the different offers and if not already done so, do all the easy sign up offers for new bookies, again, with OM’s step by step guide.

    Oddsmonkey also has advice on how to avoid gubbbings and how to help keep your accounts open – I recommend that you read it for info asap.

    Of course, bookies can gub you for any reason but arbing almost certainly gets you gubbed, so avoid at all costs.

    Good luck!

    • Ah ok, So I’ll have to check out the calendar! They all seem so complicated to me but I guess I do need to sit down and really get to grips with them as I’m sure once I get into the swing of things I will be on my way to making some money! Thanks for the advice and guidance as always Weenie!

      • “They all seem so complicated to me ” – if that’s the case, perhaps you’re not ready to do Reloads yet so perhaps you should just concentrate on the Easy new account sign ups, which you’ll find under the ‘Offers’ tab (New Account Offers – Bookmakers). You should be able to easily make a few hundred just from these but do follow the instructions.

        If you feel you are ready for Reloads, take note of the coloured bar against each offer in the Daily Offer Calendar – Green = easy, Amber = moderate, red = hard. Again, just follow the step by step instructions.

  2. I can’t believe how quickly you’re getting gubbed.. deff something wrong going on. As weenie pointed out: avoid arbs! Never place a bet which has higher odds at the bookie than on the exchange.

    I made a video ages ago showing the spreadshheet system I use to keep track of all my bets:

    If you have any questions about matched betting feel free to give me an email directly.

    • Hi Matched Betting Guy,

      Thanks for your comment and the support. Yep I know right! Something is obviously going very wrong. Thanks for the video I will defiantly check it out. Expect an email from me soon and thanks again for the advice.

  3. Hi LMF,

    Echo what others have said, it looks like you are doing very low profit arbs which is kind of pointless in terms of time spent/money and will get you gubbed very quickly.

    Build up a decent bank by doing the open account offers, you should be making at least £5 or more likely £15-40 depending on how good they. Rinse and repeat with your husbands accounts and you should easily make a grand just off of that. Once you’ve done that, you have a decent bank to start doing reload/existing customer offers. Most of these are no more complicated than a string of back and lays which you are already doing, but if you don’t want to do that then no lay accas are really easy as all you have to do is place a 5 fold accumulator and then the occasional free bet SNR back/lay which you should be used to by now anyway from the open account offers – but you need to be prepared for a string of losses when you do this, so it’s good to have a good start bank.

    Or if you can’t stomach that, then go for other low risk reload offers, there are tonnes about but I find them boring and generally of quite low value).

    Saying that there are a few good ones about like Bet365 £50 free in play which crops up occasionally. I see you haven’t been gubbed from them yet… good news! They are one of the best and you want to preserve that account for as long as possible.

    Wouldn’t worry about Stan James gubbing you, they are very quick to do so and in any case have just been shutdown as they’ve merged into Unibet. My Unibet account is still active even though my SJ account was gubbed, so I guess they haven’t merged all of their info in about that sort of thing (yet!). Also Sporting bet are pretty sh!te. Only really Paddy power that was a shame on that list and maybe skybet. Anyway maybe you will be able to sneak under the radar with a few new accounts when you set up a separate bank account but don’t be surprised if you do get gubbed quickly or blocked entirely in the first place.

    No.1 rule as others have said… don’t do any back/lays that are over 100% on Oddsmonkey! You won’t go too far wrong just by doing that, I don’t think it’s worth worrying about apart from that.

    As MBG says let me know if you need any more pointers and good luck! 🙂

    • Hi FS,

      Thanks for such a detailed comment! Yes I think I lost my way a bit there. The need to bring in money was what was driving me and I now know thats possibly the worst motivator! Thanks for all the advice. I’m definitely going to start doing sign up offers and then go from there. No more betting on the Spanish 3rd league football matches for me. No wonder I was getting gubbed! 🙂

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