Monthly Update: April 2019

April 2019 monthly update already?! If you haven’t noticed, my website is changing! This is my first post since deleting all my others and my old website. I’ve now decided to make a change.

Why I hear you ask? Well for a variety of reasons really but the main one being that I’m changing. I’m choosing a new route to Financial independence and I’m embracing a new way of life for myself.

I’ve always dreamed of owning businesses that I love along with living a life that I want and enjoy living. With this in mind my new focus in on becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, meaning that I want to create businesses around the lifestyle that I want.

My new monthly updates will be measuring more than just money from now on. I will be reporting against metrics that are all relevant to my new focus.

Hours Worked

My aim is to work no more than 40 hours in a four week month. As I mentioned above this is all about my new life goal of becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur. I don’t want work to be my master. I also couldn’t stand not having a business or side hustle in the works since I really enjoy them.

This goal will be the hardest I fear since I am right at the beginning of my new journey.


Since I don’t want to spend hours sat in front of the laptop, I need to improve the effectiveness of the work that I do when I am working. I will be tracking this using a variety of methods – a spreadsheet with work goals, a to do list and also relying on gut feeling. I will know if I’ve spend 4 hours looked out the window instead of working!

The overall goal for this is between 70% – 100%


Obviously this is an important one! The traditional road to FI is through savings and investments. This also incorporates cutting living expenses and increasing income. The basic idea (this is very basic! Mr Money Mustache is the expert if you need more info)

I don’t want to do this. It doesn’t work for me or my family if I’m honest. We don’t have huge outgoings (or at least we didn’t till we started the gin!). We also don’t have expensive hobbies so there really isn’t much wiggle room for culling. I also don’t want to go back to having a 9 – 5 job. Yes that right – I DON’T WANT TO! I’ve said it now so its out there!

I know how much income we need a month to live rather comfortably and that the target on this one.

Personal Development

A strange one to be included but all will become clear. My aim is to spend 50% of my time on personal development.

I’m a closet psychologist at heart so personal development time is really important to me. Some of the areas that this covers, I will write about on my site and some of them I wont. I’m currently obsessed with fitness, weight loss, fat loss and muscle gain (all thanks to Tim Ferris!) Onto the monthly update.

April 2019 Monthly update.

April 2019 was more about finding my footing and working out what I want to track. It will take roughly three months for me to know exactly what metrics are important for my new vision. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Hours worked – So high its off the chart! Yes April was a big month work wise. All the hours were spent on Springmount Gin as it launches this month (9 days to be exact!)
  • Efficiency – I made most hours count. April was dedicated pretty much to the gin. Its great to track efficiency as sometimes it can feel like an endless task list! I also have a tendency to procrastinate so this is helpful to encourage me to act and move on.
  • Profit – Not a surprise since we haven’t launched yet!
  • Personal Development – I haven’t established all the goals I want to track. This needs more work.

I’m sure this monthly update will grow into a monthly mammoth type post! For now though that’s it!

Springmount Gin launches 11th May 2019


  1. I really like what you are doing and admire you for it.
    On profits – are you not counting any investments that you have or is it all from the POV of the business?

    As I’ve said before Gin’s In – you should come bring some samples to the FI movie premier in June.

    • Hi GFF,

      Thank you for your comment! We don’t have any investments so we wont be counting it 🙂 Sorry if I didn’t make that clear.

      Movie premiere in June? I’m out the loop I’m afraid. When/where is it?

  2. Love what you’ve done!

    The look is great and I’m a big fan of your approach.

    I’m reading the Four Hour Body at the moment and think that it’s a mix of genius and madness! Really looking forward to seeing your thoughts on Tim’s approach.

    Very best of luck with the gin launch!

    • Hi Caveman!

      Thanks for your comment and the support. I totally agree about the Four Hour Body – some of his ideas are amazing. Others are rather strange.

      Fingers crossed for the gin launch!

  3. I really like your approach to the hours worked per week. I think the workplace in general is becoming more and more pressured / stressful through the use of technology. Multitasking, writing 3 emails at the same time sort of thing!

    PS – Good luck with the gin launch! This sounds terrific!

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