Monthly Update: September 2019

Phew it has been a while since I’ve written one of these! Making a money date is essential on the journey to FI. I normally find that I have the most resistant to these when I know I’ve taken my eye of the ball and indulged in some serious consumerism. First things first – the money!



House running – Covers bill payments, mortgage, any subscriptions and food/house shopping

Not too much to write home about really. We aren’t currently saving at the moment but instead are investing in our business. We are also injecting some cash into side hustles and projects to see where that takes us.

Side Hustles

As mentioned in my previous post – I will be picking back up a variety of side hustles (some of which are still to be determined) Side hustles will have their own dedicated monthly post since I know they are a point of fascination for those of us on the journey to FI. Here will be the snippet from my side hustle report. Unfortunately the template has disappeared from my laptop (its rather old and unreliable) so I will have to spend some time building it again!

Life update

This part will just be left for random life updates that aren’t covered anywhere else in a post. I’m still working on my focus going forward.

I’m on to a really good thing with my eating – I’ve almost gone into remission with my colitis flare ups which is something I haven’t been able to say since being diagnosed with it seven years ago!

Similarly, I’m also onto a great start with my fitness! I will cover this in a separate post since its going to be rather lengthy!

The business is still going strong and Mr Fire and I are working on developing our brand and enhancing the service that we provide through it. I spend most of my time now on running the business and taking care of the admin side of things. I must admit – its the only job I’ve ever actually enjoyed!

How was everyone’s September? Anything I’ve missed that anyone wants to ask me about? I’m looking forward to reading your monthly updates!

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