My Monthly Report: How I made money in December 2020

Interested in how I made money in December 2020? December is usually pretty hit and miss for me income-wise. Affiliates tend to bring in most of my income for this month since I don’t have to actively be involved! I spend as much time as I can with my children during December and that shows in my earnings!

I’m slowly setting up my Twitter and Facebook page since a lot of you are contacting me through that. If you’re new to the site and interested in knowing more about my life then you can at my About Me page.

Matched Betting

I haven’t really been paying much attention to Matched Betting. I have taken advantage of some free bets offered to me by Betfair and managed to earn just under a hundred. It’s not earth-shattering but to be honest it wasn’t all that difficult. I get given the bet on a Thursday for the Saturday.

Matched Betting

Betfair has offered me four £5 free bets in December and I’ve converted each one to £4 profit thanks to the OddsMatcher. I know that’s only £20 but it all adds up.

I also checked Profit Accumulator on one of those Saturdays and found a few really decent arbing opportunities That’s another £80 to add-in.

If you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about or would like to know more about Matched Betting then check out my Matched Betting Section.

If you are still on the fence about Matched Betting then I recommend using a free trial of Matched Betting software before parting with your hard-earned cash. OddsMonkey offer a free trial or you can use the Profit Accumulator free trial to test them out and see which one is the right one for you.

Affiliate Marketing

My affiliates sites have been booming! They always make lots of money during November and December. This December has been my most successful yet. Whether that is due to Lockdown or just the natural increase affiliate sites gain the more established they get I don’t know. I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth though!

Affiliate Marketing

Ironically my affiliate sites make the most money in the months I actually do the least work! Like I mentioned last month, the numbers seem to be dwindling now. This dwindling is likely to continue through into February. I have already put aside the extra income I’ve made in December to deal with the slump.

I often don’t feel like doing much in January so I plan for this and save.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing then I can highly recommend it. It’s one of my favourite ways of earning an income online. Affiliate marketing is relatively passive as once you’ve done the work at the beginning you sit back and watch it earn.

The best way to try it out is by starting a blog. If you’re familiar with this then you can jump straight in and read about how to start affiliate marketing.

My hosting is provided by SiteGround as I find they offer great support and all-round technical help. I also use Jaaxy to ensure my sites are indexed by Google and I’m using keywords to attract traffic.

Website Building

I’m pleased to announce my website venture I’ve been working on the past few months is completed! I’ve really enjoyed the whole process – more than I thought I would!

Website Flipping

The website is hosted by BlueHost which initally I wasn’t so keen on. After using it however I am a fan.

The customer service isn’t as good as SiteGround due to waiting times, however.

After completing this venture it has given me a new project idea. I have been researching website flipping and whilst I’m currently still undecided I am enjoying learning about it.


Since December wasn’t too bad weather-wise I was still able to get out and walk. I’m addicted to how easy it is to make money from win walk now! I am even walking all three children to school and nursery! Check out How to get paid to walk for more information if you missed it!

I live in the countryside which is liable to flooding so there have been some days I just couldn’t get out to get my walk in. Not one to miss a money opportunity though, so I walked in the house! 10,000 steps is pretty easy to obtain indoors since my house is rather spacsious.

Cleaning the childrens rooms ready for Christmas toys was the easiest way of collecting my steps. First time I’ve ever been paid for doing that!

Thanks for those of you who have signed up using my referral link – it’s great that we both get coins for it!

My Christmas

Christmas Dinner

Just so its not all work and no play! The children were well and truly treated! It was hard not seeing as much of our family as we would like to but video calls helped! I do enjoy cooking but not when I’m balancing three children alone. This year I ordered a Christmas dinner to be cooked and delivered and it was delicious! It was great to get the benefits of a home-cooked meal without actually doing it yourself too!

One of the mums at my daughters’ playgroup had set up a food business during lockdown. Looking at it as a way of supporting the economy and local businesses I ordered the works! Three-course lunch for the main meal along with a buffet type dinner. We also enjoyed lots of cakes!

The children loved it! It was all delivered on plates too that are left in a tub on the doorstep when finished with. This means no washing up!

Over to you

My January update will probably be extremely dull since I don’t seem motivated to do that much. I dislike January with a passion. The children hate going back to school and it’s all dark and cold! I’m hoping to feel more inspired and creative soon though!

How was your December? I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year despite the chaotic times we find ourselves in.

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  1. Is there a benefit to using both Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey at the same time, or do they both offer more or less the same stuff?

    I previously made around £1,000 profit in my first month or so on PA but after that I found that the offers dwindled down in value quite a lot, and I could only make a few pound per hour doing it (versus more than £30/hour when I started).

    Do you also invest in the stock market? I’ve recently started doing this and am currently looking at dividend stocks to make a regular side income from those – wondered if you had any thoughts?

    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for your comment. PA and Oddsmonkey are actually similar (dare I say they are the same! no benefit really to having them both.

      I am only doing it as an experiment to see if there are any real difference and so far I haven’t found any other than OddsMonkey has more bookmakers.

      I personally find Matched Betting requires more work to make money after the welcome offers and initial reload offers. I tend to only really do the big festivals now or put ALOT down on a few every so often.

      I have only recently started looking into the stock market if you can believe it! Whilst I do think it is possible to use it as a passive income stream, it requires a rather large capital input initially.

      Personally, I have started putting my extra money into a vanguard account and I will just see what happens.

      Hope this helps!

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