My Monthly Report: How I made money in November 2020

November 2020 and Lockdown part 2! I must admit I fully expected the country to get to this point. I fear until we get a vaccine then we will live a life of intermittent lockdowns. I’m seriously glad I don’t have to worry about losing my job or juggling childcare if the schools close. My earnings aren’t affected at all really since I earn all my money online!

I’m slowly setting up my Twitter and Facebook page since a lot of you are contacting me through that. If you’re new to the site and interested in knowing more about my life check out my About Me page.

Matched Betting

Since detailing my Matched Betting Blog I’ve really picked up my Matched Betting again! I’ve joined Profit Accumulator even though I’m an OddsMonkey member to trial it out and see that it’s like.

Recently I’ve been reading a lot about the differences/pros and cons of each one. I’ve decided the only real way to find out which one is the best is to try it yourself.

I will be writing a complete review of them both. A comparison type article to help other Matched Betters make an informed decision.

Matched Betting wise there have been some really good offers about. Last Sunday was a great example of this! Paddy Power offered a free bet and the only condition to quality for it was placing a bet in play. Easy money really as I just had the game on whilst I worked on my affiliate sites! An easy £50 for nothing really!

If you are still unsure about Matched Betting then I recommend using a free trial of Matched Betting software. Do this before parting with your hard-earned cash. OddsMonkey offer a free trial. So do Profit Accumulator free trial. My advice is to test them out and see which one is the right one for you.

Check out my Matched Betting series for details on each step of Matched Betting.

Affiliate Marketing

I’ve really been seeing some serious income from my affiliate sites now we are getting closer to Christmas. I’m fully expecting a drop when we hit January. That’s Ok as I’m also thinking of setting up another few sites.

Currently, I create, design and write all my affiliate sites myself. I have been in contact with a full-time affiliate marketer who outsources the entire process! Everything from writing content to managing traffic. It’s not something I’ve really thought of before since I genuinely enjoy it.

This person views it solely as a business and an income stream which I had never really thought about before.

My hosting is provided by SiteGround as I find they offer great support and all-round technical help. I also use Jaaxy to ensure my sites are indexed by Google and I’m using keywords to attract traffic.

I’m currently working on a series for those of you who want to start affiliate marketing.

Website Building

Last month I shared my new venture which is helping someone set up a website for their jewellery business.

Website design isn’t an area I’ve really thought about expanding into but I do have lots of fun creating and designing sites.

I will be providing some updates around it each month to let you know how it’s going.

I’d fully intended to use SiteGround for hosting but she had already gone ahead and purchased BlueHost so I’m navigating my way around that at the moment!

I remember quite clearly dismissing BlueHost when I was looking into hosting my all my sites (including this one) and I admit that I prefer the Siteground’s online chat to help me with my issues. Plus they always seem to be available which is a nice bonus!

Now I’m using BlueHost I’m finding the two rather similar. I do like the fact that domain names are included in the hosting package opposed to Siteground where you have to purchase the domain separately.

Currently we are just planning out how she wants the site to look and having frequent meetings over Zoom to update and check in.


Things are slowly getting listed and sold on Facebook marketplace and eBay

I’ve had a big sort out of the kids rooms and have a big pile of outgrown clothes (that can no longer be passed down) and every year I put them up for sale.

I hate the thought of clothes and toys ending up at the rubbish tip so anything that doesn’t sell after Christmas goes straight to the charity shops in Janurary.

The house should then be fairly clear and ready to start gathering up more items for the next year!

I hate the idea of reselling for a living (even though many people are fairly successful at it!) so for me its more of a bit of extra cash for the kids savings account opposed to a proper income stream.


I’m still walking as much as I can weather permitting. I live in the middle of nowhere in the countryside so we are very liable to flooding which means if we have heavy rain then everywhere floods!

I’m still enjoying using win walk (read How to get paid to walk) but it was annoying me having it running on the lock screen all the time. I don’t really like to be attached to my phone and I felt by seeing it on there all the time that I felt like I had to have my phone on me to earn!

I couldnt find any details out about what happens if you stopped it running in the background, but I took a chance and it still works perfectly!

Thanks for those of you who have signed up using my referral link – it’s great that we both get coins for it!

Over to you

I’m not expecting to do too much this month with Christmas being right around the corner. I have designed my income streams so that come December I can rely on the passive ones so I can spend the month enjoying Christmas celebrations with my children and family.

I’m sure this months update will be fairly sparse income wise and concentrate more on life!

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