My Monthly Report: How I made money in October 2020

October 2020 has been a strange month! From the new tier systems being introduced and then random places being placed on tier 3. This confusion makes me really thankful for the fact that I don’t have to go to work anymore!

I’m also grateful that it has very little effect on my income since I earn it all online! I have also completed my first month of blogging which I think has worked out rather well! I’m really enjoying writing again and it’s great to hear from so many of you via Facebook, Twitter, and email. If you’re new to the site you can find out more at my About Me page.

Matched Betting

Matched Betting wise it’s all been rather calm lately. I’m definitely glad that sporting events haven’t been cancelled due to the new tier system.

I admit I normally only Matched Bet the big events such as Cheltenham, Ascot, and Aintree. However, I couldn’t resist placing more than a few bets and thanks to OddsMonkey I made a couple of hundred pounds profit.

My Matched Betting series is coming along nicely. It even inspired me to sign up for a few welcome offers/bet clubs that I’d missed in the very beginning. I even couldn’t resist placing a few ACCA’s and watching the profits come flooding in. I’ve created a Matched Betting Blog to cover what bets I completed over October 2020. Think of it as a little case study for those of you still on the fence about it. I will publish it soon!

If you are still on the fence about Matched Betting then I recommend using this free trial. It allows you access to a 7-day guide to offers along with a beginner guide plus the calculator and software that are essential for Matched Betting – may the odds be in your favour!

Affiliate Marketing

My affiliate income from my websites has been slowly creeping in now since we are in the run-up to Christmas. It’s really exciting as I started my websites right at the beginning of my journey. I do admit when they didn’t provide instant cash I gave up on them.

Luckily I didn’t delete or shut them down, I literally just left them. Over the past 18 months, they have been steadily bringing in a sizeable income without me even noticing!

Affiliate marketing definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted or even the inpatient. It does provide a pretty decent income for not a lot of work and only minimal costs. Obviously having a website is essential but I also recommend having a keyword helper. This ensures your writing something people want to read! I’m currently working on a series for those of you who want to start affiliate marketing.


If you caught my post on earning money with Fiverr then you will know that I dabble a bit. I’m not really “skilled” in anything as fancy as a digital artist but I do like to design templates, presentations and add my creativity to a variety of other projects.

A friend of mine approached me last month with an idea for creating a micro company on Fiverr in which a group of people with a variety of different skills offer gigs in different fields and pool the resources along with income.

He approached me wondering if I wanted to come on board and if I’m honest I’m still undecided. I like my life how it is without having to compete for jobs and money. I’ve been assured my role would be purely coordination that I could do from the comfort of my laptop but I’m still not sold on the idea just yet.

I prefer to dip in and out of Fiverr as it means I can post a “gig” with my services in and then leave it. If people pay for the service then great and if they don’t, that’s ok as well as I am getting on with my other income streams. What would you do? I’ll keep you posted on this.

Website Building

I don’t expect this to make a permanent feature on my updates! I’m a bit of a strange one in the sense that I LOVE designing websites! I don’t do it for a living (nor do I want to) but being a creative type I do quite like taking a blank canvas and creating a website or three.

Affiliate marketing is usually the best outlet for my designing desire but someone has actually approached me and asked me to design a website for their business.

One of the parents of my youngest son’s nursery had heard how I helped design the nursery’s website (a very basic design that they wanted) and wants me to help her set hers up. She makes jewellery and sells them at festivals and markets. Obviously given the current circumstances she isn’t really comfortable going to markets so wants to create an online shop.

It’s very exciting as it gives me a chance to learn some new skills! She wants to use either woo commerce or Shopify and I have no experience with either. I’d love to hear from anyone who is currently using these so I know which one is best suited to this project. I’ll be setting it up with WordPress and using SiteGround as my hosting.


As you know, I’m not a big fan of reselling for a living as it sounds like far too much hard work. I only really get rid of the toys and clothes that have been outgrown.

I pass down as many toys and as many clothes as I can between my children and then when there is no one left to pass them down to I sell them!

Luckily my children take very good care of their things so they are always in a good condition. I’ve also been getting really fit now I’m walking more (thanks to Win Walk!) so we have a really big pile of things to get rid off.

I only really sell at Christmas and maybe beginning of summer so I start my Christmas sort out in October and finish selling usually a week before Christmas. This means the big Christmas sell-off has begun!

I’ve been slowly listing items on Facebook Market place and eBay and they have already begun selling! I’ve been pilling old DVDs and books together as I’m currently looking for a better way to sell them all together as it drives me crazy listing them separately!

Over to you

All in all, October was a really interesting month considering whats going on in the world. It feels good being back to working on the site now and having enough free time to really connect to it.

How was your October? Do you have any exciting projects your working on? I’d love to know.

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    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comment. Now that really would be telling, wouldn’t it! I’m lucky enough to have found a great niche for myself in beauty products and children’s toys! Finding a niche I believe is all about finding something that you already know a lot about and then going from there.

      I hope that helps
      Little Miss Fire

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