My Monthly Report: How I made money in September 2020

WOW, its been a long time since I wrote one of these! I’ve decided the best way to ease back into this website is with a post detailing everything I’ve been up to in the last month. I was tempted to write what I’d been up to in the last year but I don’t think anyone has time to read that mega post! I’ll just add bits into this post.

Obviously, the world is a rather different place so my typical month (if there is such a thing) doesn’t always look like this but it is pretty close!

Matched Betting

I’ve always dabbled with Matched Betting on and off over the course of this blog. I’ve made profits and then foolishly lost them when attempting ACCA’s. Thankfully I’m much better at Matched Betting now and I’m making a nice tidy profit.

I usually only participate in the really big horse racing festivals such as Cheltenham, Ascot and Aintree. All in all, I typically make a couple of thousand pounds.

Things are all a bit up in the air this year so whilst I didn’t actually do any Matched Betting last month. However, I did quite a bit in August as I tried the York festival and made a nice profit from that.

I know everyone has different software they use and prefer but I’m a die-hard Oddsmonkey Fan! I found that once I actually started following their advice using their online training videos was when I actually stopped making mistakes and started making money.

I will be creating an easy to follow Matched Betting Series on the next few weeks. If you want to join me in making money Matched Betting then sign up to Oddsmonkey.

Affiliate Marketing

I don’t think I’ve ever really mentioned Affiliate Marketing before on this blog. Its something I got in about two years ago but I kept stopping and starting writing articles.

I joined lots of different sites promising to offer the key to successful affiliate marketing but, to be honest, they were all just a big waste of money.

Ironically I actually started to make some serious money from my affiliate sites when I forgot completely about them and only checked on them during lockdown! I am now making a steady income from them consistently each month,

Despite all the scam sites out there that promise overnight success, they all mentioned finding a quality SEO site was key (pardon the pun). Jaaxy has changed my life. All my affiliate success is down to Jaaxy. Not only does it tell me what my keyword ranking is, but it also gives me ideas on what to write.

I dabble in several different niches so it’s vital to keep writing new articles and posts, This can be a challenge as sometimes I don’t really know what I want to write about. Jaaxy takes care of all of this!

Obviously, it isn’t all just profits in the affiliate marketing game. Whilst there isn’t a huge chunk of expenses the main ones are the domain name and also the hosting.

Before this blog went all .com it was just a free WordPress one. It suited my purpose initially but then I found it held me back. Now I host all my sites using SiteGround.

They take all the hard work out of having a website for me (they even offer advice on editing existing WordPress templates which is amazing!) They are always available via LiveChat and make sure the problem is fixed before closing the case down.

Having proper hosting is essential to affiliate marketing – trust me I’ve tried using the free ones and it doesn’t work.

Paid to Apps

This one sounds rather ominous! At the beginning of my adventure of finding new ways to make money from home, I became rather focused (some may have called it obsessed) There are some real stinkers out there (don’t get me started on Swagbucks)

I’ve tried quite a lot of the ones that promise to make you money and I now have my tried and tested favourites that I am consistently using to earn money each month. I also love testing out the new ones promising to make you earn a stable monthly income from them so I’ll be adding to this site as I find new ones that work.


Not a lot to say about this really but it deserves a focus so you know I am also following the traditional path of FIRE as well as the newer path of creating income via side hustles and projects.

A nice side effect of finally figuring out how to make money online is that I have spare cash to invest! I’m definitely late to the party on this one but I am luckily able to now to invest and you know the old saying about the best time to invest is right (yesterday or right now!)

A lot of drama is currently going on around P2P (Peer to Peer lending to you and me) and I’m very thankful for the fact that I didn’t fall foul to investing in this in an attempt to try and “rush” my money-making capacity.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with P2P, I will be writing a post on it in due course (I get the feeling I will be saying that a lot till I’ve filled this site with everything I have planned) The majority of sites have been under a lot of stress from people requesting their money back due to Lockdown and the dreaded virus.

This has resulted in people only partially receiving their funds back or in some cases not receiving anything back at all! I’ve always stayed away from P2P mainly as it wasn’t something that interested me, now I’m rather thankful I listened to my gut!

Stock market-wise I basically only use a stocks and shares ISA and ensure I max out my annual tax allowance. This year is somewhat of an anomaly in regards to working out if I’m in profit or loss.

If I’m honest I just keep investing monthly using my side hustle money and let the asset management company take care of the rest. Rather complacent I know but I’ll get more involved once the world gets back to normal.


I’m not a big fan of reselling for a living and some people are real fanatics at it! A few times a year I just sell our old stuff on eBay, Music Magpie and now Facebook Market Place.

This seems to be the best time of year for getting rid of old stuff since people are always on the lookout for Christmas presents!


All in all September was a rather quiet month used mainly for reflecting. I’ve missed updating this site and conecting with everyone!

Initially , I started this site to document my trials and tribulations of leaving my full time job with children and no income streams so that if I was successful, everyone could follow along. I’ve ended up taking a rather long break from it but I’m keen to take the dite to its full potential of being a follow along guide to making oney from home.

Over to you

How was your September? I hope everyone is keeping well. Drop me a comment and let me know!

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