Our future goals 2019 and beyond

We sent a post out at the beginning of the month about our goals for this year. What you probably don’t know about is how they relate to our long term future goals and why we are doing each particular goal. In this post I’m going to try and break down the future goals of each one so we can see where they sit in our overall plan.

The Plan

I’ve made no secret about our plan being to generate income from side hustles. In fact I think this is the 82nd time I mentioning it in the past 2 months. Our life isn’t just going to be about our finances and side hustles. The goals we have set should translate into our future goals of building a lifestyle for ourselves where we are both financially secure and happy.

Mr Fires future goals

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Health Related Goal – To complete two sprint triathlons and a Duathlon. I’ve noticed over the years that I would only train for fitness when I had and event coming up. Throughout my years in the Army Reserve I would only train if I had a fitness test or a patrol competition coming up. Once I had left the Army my fitness suffered even more. I need events to aim towards something and to motivate me to put the training in.

Doing my first Triathlon last year was a real eye opener. I had girls who were on the larger side (far far on the larger side) over taking me on the bike even though I looked much slimmer and fitter then them. My aim this time for my future goal is to not suffer through that again. They say what gets measured gets managed so I have set a measurable target for each triathlon. I haven’t for the duathlon as it will be my first event.

2. Education Related Goal – Complete a PRINCE2 course. Every day is a school day. Keeping on adding to my qualifications will allow me to stay current within my current job and open up other opportunities. There isn’t really an end future goal to this other than to have the option to use it towards being a contractor in the future if needed.

3. Lifestyle related Goal – To be working four days a week. This links into the joint future goal of creating two additional income streams in the joint goal. I would like the side hustles income to be producing at least £2,000 a month by December 2019. Then to earn higher and higher as time goes on. Ideally we would be making much much more and I won’t be working at all. I would like to err on the side of caution with this though as my day job is the only real income we have coming in.

Little Miss Fire future goals

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Health related Goal – to increase stamina and strength as well as improving overall well being. Little Miss Fire has been for the longest time a cardio person. Having little or no fat won’t help when she needs to lift up heavy things. She has decided to increase her strength for a variety of reasons. As we get older our health is even more important. She also has a keen interest in ballet and would like to pick it up again as her future goal. Its also a great way to build strength.

2. Finance Related Goal – to earn £1,000 from reselling
We have too much stuff. Stuff we never use and will probably never use. The put in in perspective, I still have the original Blade movie on VHS. As part of our own well being, we need to get rid of it. Our future goal is earn a nice sum from reselling.

3. Education Related Goal – Learn about Social Media Marketing
For some of the side hustles we have planned this will be very important. Being able to drive traffic to our websites will hopefully gain us more money. This increase in money will aid us with our future goal of financial independence.

4. Lifestyle Related Goal – to de-clutter the entire house
This really does lead into Little Miss Fire’s ’s second goal. After all we need things to sell. Having a de-cluttered house will also feed into our sense of well being. For us even having a tidy house makes us feel better so this should go a long way to us being happy in the future. Our future goal is to have a home full of only the things we actually really need.

Joint future goals

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Financial related goal – Pay £10,000 off the mortgage
We need to get cracking with this mortgage if we are going to meet our future goal of paying it off. I know there are lots of opinions about whether people should pay the mortgage off or not. We have decided its right for us so we need to do it. We don’t have enough money left at the end of the month to be able to complete this goal on our own so we will be reliant on our side hustles. Having our mortgage paid off is our future goal and this means our expenses drop by over £6,000 per year. I think we can all agree that’s quite a lot of beer.

2. Lifestyle Related Goal – to either buy or have the money to buy a motorhome
This probably came out of left field for most people. After all we were just talking about how we needed less stuff not more. This all ties in with how we want to live our life when I no longer have to go to the office every day. We dream of travelling for years across Europe, Africa and beyond. We like our home comforts but I can’t carry a house in my rucksack. A home on wheels will suit us very well I think and allow us to winter in hot climates. At the moment we can’t do this until Littlest Little Miss Fire
has flown the nest. At the very least this will be when she is 18 so we have quite a few years to go.

Getting a motorhome now will allow us to take trips when Littlest Little Miss Fire isn’t in school. Imagine driving down to Sicily or Greece and celebrating Christmas on the beach. Or during the 6 weeks holidays going to Morocco and seeing a completely different way of living. This is our dream lifestyle so getting the experience with shorter trips now should help in the long run.

3. Financial Related goal – to create two income streams outside the day job We already do this a bit with EW sniping and matched betting so we aren’t going to include them in this goal otherwise yay we are done! This leads into the long term goal of using our side hustles to fund our lifestyle. I wouldn’t say £2,000 is enough to be safe as we spend almost that now so any dip in the income from the side hustles would put us in trouble. To be safe I would think we would need between £3,000 and £4,000 a month consistently with quite a lot in cash backing us up. It’s quite a
lot I know but then again once I quit work I really wouldn’t want to go back.

So there you have it, how our current yearly goals related to our future lifestyle, and a bit about why we picked them. Anyone know of any get rich quick schemes?

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