Side Hustle Report: The beginning (again)

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur in some form. Even when I didn’t quite understand what it meant. That coupled with my subconscious ability to organise everything made for a really interesting childhood.

I remember in my youth, the school teacher asking all the children what they wanted to be when they grew up. At aged 5 a lot of the answers were “a fairy”, “a bird” and other comical juvenile quips. Not for me though. I wanted to start my own business and work for myself. The room went silent. Deadly silent.

Mr Fire and I often discuss that even when we reach the point were we no longer need to work, that we will always have some business or side hustle to work on. Its what makes life worth living for us. The drive, ambition and intellect that goes into creating something from nothing. I’m sure there’s a spiritual meaning in there somewhere.

Mr Fire and I launched our own business earlier this year so side hustles had taken a back seat understandably. As set out in Erase and Rewind. This blog will no longer link directly to the business so I will attempt a post on it at some point that may be rather too vague to post.

We have some seriously big plans for our future and obviously earning extra money is a great way to expedite those plans.

My side hustles for the next few months.

I’m defiantly not in the habit of hitching my wagon to a dying donkey (that’s a phrase right?) so I will be testing out a variety of side hustles and playing around with what works. I’ll also be updating on them here. So here’s what the first few side hustles will consist of:

An Affiliate web site

If its wrong to be slightly in love with your web hosting provider than I don’t want to be right. I’m happy to be quoted on that too. No seriously. If you google “how to make money online” than you are slammed in the face with Affiliate marketing. I will be adding a few links to this blog (as why the hell not) but I will also be setting up a brand spanking new website just to test out the affiliate marketing game.

Who is this beloved web hosting provider I hear you ask? Its Siteground (<-affiliate link) and the reason I like them so much is that they actually help! I’m not a technical genus, I don’t work in computer programming. I’m just a normal person (mostly) who wants to set up a site just how I like it without having to learn how to code. They did EVERYTHING for this site, from transferring it over (for free) to sending me all the back ups, helping me customise the look of the site and manage plug ins. Sure its basic stuff to most people but my time is valuable to me and if someone can do it quicker and better than why not let them.

Cash Back

Yep another one of the “popular” ones. Nothing unusual on this list to begin with. Don’t want to scare myself off too early! I’m going to be using the tried and tested classic of TopCashback (they now do Amazon!) along with the new up and coming my money pocket (Affiliate link that means I get £5 for every £10 you get in cashback) Mr Fire and I are terrible at using cash back sites which is ridiculous when we are spending the money anyway!

I’m currently more interested than I should be at the food and drink offers…..

My money pocket

Matched Betting

This is much more a Mr Fire thing to be honest. We haven’t really been spending anytime on Matched Betting or more accurately Each Way Sniping. After reading Chris from The Fi Journey, he has more than doubled the 1k he put in! I couldn’t live without Oddsmonkey for all there tutorials and matchers! They truly take the work out.

Paid Apps

The concept of making money from your phone getting paid to do something you are already doing is rather exciting! I don’t have any solid leads on which apps to start investigating first, but I will definitely be digging deeper into this one. I WILL NOT BE DOING PAID SURVEYS – I cant stand these.

I would really like one more as five is such a round number…. Comment below your favourite side hustles and which one you think I should add to make it Five!


  1. I’ve recently started hammering cashback sites, due to a change in job and more travel. I’ve found them really useful, probably returned £50/mo at least.

    Good luck with the new side hustle!

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