Side Hustles Report : December 2018

December is not the easiest time for side hustles! Mr Fire and I found ourselves the busiest we have ever been over the festive period.

Mr Fire’s day job have asked him to change roles as they required a technical specialist for a project that will last 18 months. It was rather annoying for us to discover this comes with no more pay or bonus. No incentives and as a last kick in the teeth he now works further away from home! It also makes it that bit harder for him to balance any side hustles.

He has been really busy getting the project off the ground and spent a few late nights at the office again without any financial compensation.

As for me. The school calendar really filled up. Carol concerts, parents afternoons, parents evenings, show and tells. You name it and it is a sure thing it was happening at her school. This made the side hustles rather tricky.

It was actually quite nice to be involved as her old school was the opposite. Once she was inside no one really knew what was going on.

All this extra pieces of life took a toll on our side hustles as I’m sure you can tell!

Side hustles Overview 

A report showing income earned through side hustles

Reselling £0

collection of boxes

I really admire anyone with listing on Ebay in December. It makes perfect sense as surely you can catch people foraging mercilessly for a last minute gift. The likely hood of actually being organised enough to have listing up is were my admiration comes in!
I earned quite a bit from reselling in October so I need to try and keep this momentum going!

Each Way Sniping £61

Mr Fire – £61
Me – -£0

MB Front page

Mr Fire was only in his old role for six days and like the machine he is, he each way sniped for everyone of those days. £61 isn’t too shabby for a few bets here and there in his spare office time.

I never got round to it. Most of the littlest ones school activities were either in the morning or I was grabbed by some of the parents/teachers/anyone in order to stop me getting home in time to sit at the computer!

Other £0

Nothing here to report. I must confess I spent rather a lot of time playing with the idea of moving my blog. If you remember I was with free WordPress which suited me just fine. I am happy with my blog being my hobby and after some discussion with Mr Fire we decided to upgrade it. It seems like a strange decision since it isn’t a business or even a side hustle. I toyed with the idea a few months back too.

I felt rather restricted by WordPress if I’m honest. I hated all the adverts they put on my blog. I could easily plaster this entire site with paid for ads instead of my useful affiliate links. I could recommend every product under the sun to you just make a quick few pounds. I don’t do that as I hate reading blogs like that (I do get it though – I really do)

It bothered me that it would affect the experience of my dear readers and so we switched. Choosing who to go with wasn’t too hard a decision. I’m a questioner. For those of you whose blog I comment on regularly, you know what I mean. I could ask questions until my throat was dry and sore. I love learning about new things and so asking questions is part of that for me.

How I chose my blogs new home.

I simply went on each web site hosting page (through affiliate links from your lovely blogs) and live chatted them. I asked every question I could think of:

  • What if it crashes?
  • What if I change my mind?
  • What if I need help
  • How do I transfer my old blog to my new one
  • What are you talking about?
  • Can you say that again in an easy to understand way.
  • Would you read my blog?

A good few left the chat disturbing early after sending me a multitude of links to read myself. Not the good man over at Siteground (affiliate link). 1 hour and 20 mins their technical expert chatted to me for. He had to explain most things to be about three times. He even transferred my old blog over to this one and set up all the back end of it up. All whilst I stayed on the chat.

He emailed me a copy of the chat too afterwards and told me to chat again if I had more questions! At the end he thanks ME and apologized for taking up my time! Such a nice guy.

I still have some work to do on this new website. I’ve noticed some of the back links are referring to the old site so you’ll have to stick with me whilst I fix it.

Oddsmonkey Affiliate link £0

Oddsmonkey affiliate image

No surprise with the site move I didn’t get any clicks on my Oddsmonkey affiliate link this month. I’ve also taken my banner down for now as I’m not sure where it is best placed. As mentioned above I’m all about reader experience.

How are your side hustles going?

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