Side Hustles Report: February 2019

I’m not too sure what this is going to look like since the launch of our newest side hustle appears to have taken over our lives!

Mr Fire’s day job is still slowly working him into the ground meaning he’s been taken away from the Each Way Sniping. Typical really since we need all the cash we can get right now!

The majority of my time has been filled with the Littlest one and of course gin (unfortunately making it opposed to drinking it)

My focus hasn’t really been on anything else. I feel like I’m not climbing out of a cocoon to there is still alot in this world that I want to work on.

Since I didn’t provide an update for January 12019 I will include it here:

Side hustles Overview 

Reselling £0

collection of boxes

We currently have an office overflowing with items for reselling! We haven’t completed any over payments on the mortgage so far this year yet either and as you remember it’s one of our goals. I think it’s reached such a huge amount of things to resell that I’m finding it rather daunting….

Each Way Sniping £0

Mr Fire – £0

MB Front page

I’ve bowed out of Each Way sniping now due to time commitments. Mr Fire is still committed to doing it since it really is easy money and is so simple to get started you can do it in 10 mins!

Unfortunately work hasn’t allowed him to get any done in both January and February since he’s been leading the meetings.

Oddsmonkey Affiliate link £15.78 (combined)

Oddsmonkey affiliate image

Some wonderful soul as signed up through my affiliate link –} Oddsmonkey

I’m guessing they have signed up monthly as I’ve received two payments so far this year! When Mr Fire actually gets to Each Way Sniping he’s able to do it so quickly and easily all thanks to Oddsmonkey and their amazing Each Way Sniping software does all the hard work for you.

Springmount Gin £0

Ha ha I doubt it will be making money for a while yet! Feels good to put it on the tracker though!

Other £0

Nothing to report here.

How are your side hustles going?

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