Side Hustles Report : November 2018

I was spurred on by my results from Octobers side hustles report to try and beat it and earn even more. I have a personal target to earn £1000 in six months from extra side hustles income (or in my case income) I’m hoping to get better and better at making money from side hustles! If you notice most of my side hustles at the moment are rather short term. I will eventually run out (hopefully) of our old things to sell.

Each Way Sniping will always be with me unless I lose so much I have nothing left to reinvest.

I am also trying to work on some longer term side hustles that will have to stay top secret for now whilst I test them out to see if they are doable and if they work!

Here’s my November Side hustle income report:



Reselling £49.61

House post

Another good month for reselling! I didn’t actually sell that much either! My poor old wedding dress still isn’t selling or even getting viewed! I’ll give it till spring and then take it off Ebay and add it to a specialised wedding website I think. I sold Mr Fire’s brand new motorbike boots that didnt fit and got a nice little £27 profit! I also sold my old PS2.

Each Way Sniping

Mr Fire – £57.00
Me – -£79.69

MB Front page

So Mr Fire is killing this and me not so much. I’ve heard that November was a tough month so he did really well especially since he isn’t doing this every day of the month! We don’t do weekends and he can’t always do week days due to the day job. I am fairly surprised that I’m not too bothered about losing money. I feel like it gives us an opportunity to work on a formula that works for me plus we are using different bookies.

Other £50

Sounds rather mysterious doesn’t it! Mr Fire has been collecting old change since well before I met him, thinking that he would one day count it out and put it in the bank. 15 years later it was still waiting to be counted! I saw an opportunity and counted it out, bagged it and then counted it again. £50 isn’t bad for odd change!

Oddsmonkey Affiliate link £60


Its so  exciting that I’ve finally had my first Oddsmonkey affiliate link this month! Whoever this kind sole is – THANK YOU!

I’m removing Mortgage Over-payment from this report now as it doesn’t really fit. I’ll be updating this quarterly!

How are your side hustles going? Don’t forget to send me any idea you want trialing out in my tried and tested series! 

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