Springmount Gin has launched!

Our ultimate side hustle (remember?) – Springmount Gin has launched! Yes that’s right Springmount Gin has launched. I have to say it twice since it seems rather surreal. We now have created and own our very own gin brand. Saturday 11th May 2019 was our official launch day! Our gin became available to buy from our website and we also attended our first festival.

Meet the flavours

I’m not going to lie – Its hard work. Fun but hard and we spent the few days leading up to the launch, crazy busy. Mr Fire is still working full time at the day job and has limited leave days to take.

That meant we had a lot to fit in over a very short space of time. Two days before launch, we drove up to Scotland where our Gin is distilled, to collect it and drive it home. A very long day as we spent 14 hours driving.

The day before the launch we had to label and pack all our gin up! We print and label all our gin by hand so that easily took half a day. Its really rewarding to have that control over your own product. They didn’t arrive all perfectly polished and ready to go. Whilst its time consuming to have the level of involvement that we do, it allows us to have a product that we know we have created start to finish.

From creating the recipes ourselves, to hand placing the ingredients in the still, to collecting ourselves and then printing/applying the labels.

The Festival

The festival we attended was fairly small but had a really good turnout. It was a really positive experience to discover that people loved our gin almost as much as we do! Happily we also sold much more than we expected! Our Mint and Lime Gin was the favourite of the day and was the one that was flying off the shelves!

We really enjoyed the experience of getting to talk to people about the gin. People asked lots of questions – some the usual, run of the mill but others really wanted to know about the whole process. Its really fulfilling getting to talk about your business that you love.

Next Steps

Our next steps are to sell more! We are trying to fit in numerous business meetings around childcare and Mr Fire’s day job.

If your interested in buying Springmount Gin, you can do so from our website, The Distillers Market or catch us at one of the many festivals we are attending this year.

How are your side hustles going?


  1. Amazing news!
    Well done to you both.

    I’ll buy a bottle when I get back from holidays next week.

    Just to confirm you did the launch with out the crowd funding in the end?

    • Thanks Very much! Yep we launched without crowdfunding! We are funding it ourselves and whilst its VERY expense to do, its very rewarding to know that we have created something. Plus we have complete control over how we do things!

      Enjoy your holiday and let us know which flavour you bought!

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