The Butterfly Effect of FIRE

Interesting conversation myself and Mr Fire had over breakfast this morning. Firstly as we hardly ever get to sit down for breakfast as just the two of us and secondly as it was all over an email I received. I’m terrible for checking my emails (those of you who leave comments and send me emails will know this only too well….) I recently signed up for Think Save Retire free email course about building a finance blog and I’ve been rather tardy at keeping up with it. As I was flicking through all my emails I came across an email from a very reputable blogger, informing me (and everyone else on the emailing list) that they would be sharing the exact way to make a lot of extra income each month using the internet. Well of course this peaked my interest so I eagerly clicked the link and to my horror disbelief the link took me through to a page on their site with a screenshot preview of what it was all about. As I read on further I found out to my astonishment that for the price of ¬£9.99 per month they will share the secrets of how to make this money.


This got myself and Mr Fire talking about people selling generalized knowledge to the masses without any personal engagement. I am assuming you simply hand over your monthly sum and then are left to fend for yourself, but isn’t this what everyone offers?

Myself and Mr Fire are eagerly awaiting some money making courses this year, most of which you have to pay for. So how is this different from the above that I’m objecting too?

For me I guess its all about gaining the knowledge and learning the skill of some things. One of the things we are looking at, the blog actually tells you step by step how to do it for FREE! Yes thats right. This person has made a good side hustle and is telling everyone and anyone how to do it step by step. What would we be buying then? well its the specialized knowledge that he was acquired. Its an actual training course. At the end of the course we would be acquiring the knowledge that it took him 5 years to accumulate and we would gain all that after following the course to completion. He is also on hand to provide  personalized advice and feedback on everyone who buys the courses. This differs from the above were by you pay and then blindly follow along completing offer after offer hoping to make some extra money.

I like to think that we are all on this journey together, in a somewhat Butterfly effect. If I post my mistakes on my blog then it may stop someone else having to go down the same path and so that small locialized change ins omeones life can then have larger effects in their life somewhere. I wouldn’t want anyone to pay for the lessons that I have learned.

But what do you think? Should we pay for generalized knowledge to aid us on our path to FIRE?


  1. Although I understand the economics behind moving to a service based economy rather than physical production as the next stage of economic development, I have qualms about what is sellable. Many bloggers are monetising and selling digital information…..and I don’t really know where I stand on this. On one hand, they have expert level knowledge and that expertise should be sellable….but some offerings do seem like pyramid schemes as they are targeted towards other newer bloggers.

  2. Personally, t I would not pay, not when there’s so much good stuff out there that is readily available for free. It’s up to you though, if you feel you can benefit more by paying. Perhaps if your matched betting profits cover the ¬£9.99 fee, then it’s not like it’s coming out of your own pocket? Good luck with whatever you choose!

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