What is Oddsmonkey?

A key part of matched betting is choosing the right software for you. With so many names out there its hard to know where to start. This article is all about the creator of the Oddsmatcher. What is Oddsmonkey?

The Original

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Before Oddsmonkey was, well Oddsmonkey it was a company that created and sold its Oddsmatcher. This Oddsmatcher was used by every mainstream matched betting software company out there.

Come 2016, OddsMonkey was born. They became the main competitor to all the sites they had previously sold their Oddsmatcher! Plus they stopped selling it to their competitors!

OddsMonkey made a massive impact on Matched Betting. Their main aim was value focused. They created a range of tools to enhance the whole Matched Betting experience. Plus they included them all for FREE with subscriptions.

What Matched Betting Software?

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Matched Betting software is designed to make matching the odds and finding good events easy. Before Matched Betting software became a thing, all bets were worked out manually for Matched Betting.

Strings of fomulas on spreadsheets or copious notes were required just to find a bet to back and lay. Matched Betting was a rather mundane affair.

Now instead, Matched Betting software companies provide oddsmatchers that take completely remove guesswork all together. They show all the sporting events that are perfect for Matched Betting. They even tell you how much profit you will make before you fork out any cash!

How do you use it?

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To get started, simply open up OddsMoneky’s OddsMatcher and it will do the rest. From telling you how much you will make from an event before betting, to placing your exchange bet for you – OddsMonkey does it all! That’s not their only tool either though!

They post offers online every day, collecting them from over 100 bookmakers. It doesn’t stop there either. Each offer has detailed instructions on how to extract the cash – many of them being a guarenteed amount.

This guarantee means you know how much you will be making weekly from something stable such as weekly bet clubs.

Matched Betting Education

Don’t worry if you’re completely new to Matched Betting. OddsMonkey offer training guides and videos on every part of the process. They start really easy and then get more complex as your progress through the offers.

If you’re signing up for a free trial, you also have access to some tutorials. Not all of them, but enough to net you a few hundred pounds!

Even the most simple offers can earn you a few hundred quid to complete, so they’re well worth doing.

Intergration with the Exchanges

Even the most seasoned matched betting detests placing a whole heap of lay bets. Carefully watching the odds on several different events can be time-consuming and get confusing. OddsMonkey solves this issue with their exchange interaction. Available on the OddsMatcher, now they don’t just tell you how to make money, they place your lay bet for you!

Horse Racing Matcher

After completing the welcome bonuses, comes reload offers. These are simple enough but usually take place on horse races.

Luckily there are plenty of horse races on each day. However it can be really difficult to keep track of which races are suitable for matched betting.

Hello horse racing matcher. This handy tool is used to filter which races have offers on them and which don’t. Huge amounts of money can be made on horse races so this is an amazing tool.

How much does it cost?

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OddsMonkey is amazing value for money! My advice to simply upgrade from the free trial once you’ve made your money from it!

Free Trial – £0 lasts 7 days

  • Free guides to getting started
  • Earn up to £56
  • Access to OddsMatcher tool.

Premium – £19.99 a month / £150 a year

  • 50+ sign up offers worth £1000
  • More than 60 reload offers a week
  • Customer service support 7 days a week

Advantages of OddsMonkey

Booming Bookmakers

OddsMonkey has the biggest amount of bookmakers than any other matched betting software provider! Their current amount is 59 which means they also provide the biggest amount of offers.

The tools

They seriously have a tool for anything you can think of! Extra place matcher, Acca finder (all kinds of ACCA’s as well), even a dutching searcher!

Customer Service

The best customer service I have ever dealt with from a matched betting company ever! When I first started out, I made a whole heap of mistakes. I just couldn’t figure it out. I’d already paid for my yearly subscription.

Lucky for me, OddsMonkey customer service to the rescue. They talked me through what I was doing wrong and helped me fix it. Matched Betting is now my second biggest way I earn money online.

Disadvantages of OddsMoney

To be honest, I haven’t found any. There has been alot of rivarly between OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator (PA) PA have long accused OddsMonkey of copying the offers that there staff work hard to find.

They laid a series of traps such as marking images they posted on their site along with the offer. PA then spotted the exact same offer and image appearing on OddsMonkeys site.

Do OddsMonkey copy PA? I have no clue. It certainly looks like it from PA’s in-depth post about it. Does it matter? Well not to anyone with an OddsMonkey subscription!


Personally, for me, OddsMonkey is the best value for money matched betting software site there is currently. With a whole heap of daily offers, a thriving forum and betting exchange integration, there’s not really anything not to love! Don’t forget to check out my other matched betting posts!

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