What year will you start doing?

I remember when I first heard about retiring early and FIRE. Whilst on a walk during my lunch break, my single male friend (Mr Fire) introduced me to it. As the words came out of his mouth I felt like the jumbled up puzzle pieces in my brain suddenly clicked together. I admit I wasn’t convinced about saving enough and putting them in investments in order to live off them for the rest of your life. I come from a background where investing stayed at wall street or at the movies.

The part that resonated with me the most was NOT having to work for someone else. Ever since I was a child, I had a notion of working for myself. Other children in my primary school dreamed of unicorns and princesses, but not me. I fantasized about a world where I created a business and worked for myself. Yes this did make me the old child out. After announcing it at school when we had a “share your dream” discussion, my mother quickly bundled me out the building and politely asked told me not to mention such a silly childish idea again.

Maybe the premise that working for myself would be wrong or naughty is what fostered this dream through to adult hood. Of course, back when I was dreaming of creating businesses, it was all manual work. None of this affiliate marketing or online marketing. Just creating and selling.

In my ear,y adulthood, this dream died along with a few of my brain cells (thank you alcohol!) It wasn’t until I was working full time, owning and running a home and married that I realized I wanted out prison I my compliance had created. I remember my childhood dream and came up with a business idea.

I spoke to friends and family and all said I should go for it (as long as it didn’t involve their money or their time) and so I took the plunge. I created a few products, a website  and even wrote code (badly – I’m not a coder!) to create a shopping cart (no paypal for me) I offered free samples and sold a few products at work.

I ran this business for a year and invested about £500 into it. I had a small base of customers and even learned how to fill in my tax assessment form myself. After one year I decided to shut it down due to pressures to start a family. My former husband’s capacity to allow me to have the freedom of having my own business ran out. I shut the business down officially with HMRC. Exactly one week after I ceased trading, an order came in for 50 products! I had to turn it down but I closed the business down with a profit which was very inspiring.

My life has evolved since my first toe dipping into the pool of the business world. Now I am encouraged and praised for my business ideas and adventures. Being in a creative and secure relationship as helped me awaken the five year old’s dream of owning several businesses. I now know I want to become and Entrepreneur and I will actively work towards it.

I appreciate this won’t happen overnight which in some ways suits me. I hunger for the experience and thirst for the knowledge I will gain along the way.

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