Why I’m the FIRE underdog and that’s OK.


“a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.”

Cambridge English Dictionary

Savings rate percentages, no spend days, Frugal Fridays and Money Mondays. What am I talking about? Well if you read a lot of FIRE blogs and the words of those striving for Financial Independence, then these are some of the tools you need in your arsenal against the war on money to reach Financial Freedom.

Will you see those words on this blog? Nope – not a chance. Well OK, you will in this post. We spend money when we need to (goodbye no spend days), we don’t want to live on beans and rice (see ya Frugal Friday) plus we don’t save. WHAT WHAT! Are you crazy? ermm thats another story. Yes that’s right we don’t save. We don’t have financial capacity at this point in time. Its not the smartest move granted, but that’s where we are so we live with it. Any spare money we have goes into our first ever business together.

We aren’t reaching Financial Independence through Investing, savings or by just simply cutting back. We are going to live and enjoy ourselves whilst working on increasing our income.

Think businesses and side hustles galore. Sure to some this sounds like the usual run of the mill FI blog that increases income and reduces expenditure but thats not us. I want to live my life NOW instead of waiting for that one day that FI comes. I’m not disrespecting any of the FI bloggers out there, its just the way we want to do it.

I’m sure many FI bloggers will shrug, shake their heads and tut at the way we plan to achieve our FI. Like I said, thats OK.

I’ve always dreamed of becoming an Entrepreneur ever since I was little (a post on that coming soon) and now I am have evolved enough to trust in myself and just get on with it!

Follow along with me on my journey to get the real, honest and unfiltered truth!

I’d love to hear from you! What path are you taking to FI?

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